WDW from the air today (credit: bioreconstruct)


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bioreconstruct is a fantastic follow on Twitter. Here are some of today's posts. Really great shots, but also kinda eerie to see it empty.





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Looks like the park everyday before opening ;)
Fair point. If not quite that empty, it is fairly quiet before guests arrive. This one is rare though: an empty MK parking lot, aside from workers' cars in the top right of the lot. We don't usually see that in the daylight. (The yellow arrow points to one of Disney's solar farms, now likely feeding the grid instead of 2 parks according to bioreconstruct.)



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Waiting for the first idiot to sneak in and post their video on youtube about Empty Corona state of Disney. Surely someone will be the first to do it very soon.
By coincidence, I was in Disneyland (staying at the Grand Californian) last week for a conference that ended up getting cancelled. We were stuck there until my pre-booked flight on Sunday evening, so we decided to take a once-in-a-lifetime glance at the esplande when completely empty. Saw two vloggers getting shooed away by security who were apparently trying to sneak in.

I don't know if they were more visible because everyone else was gone, but security at Disneyland was definitely much more visible after the parks closed. There were even sniffer dogs being escorted around the property.

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