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Will Tron be susceptible to weather closures?

The track in its current form is pretty short. I'm sure they will expand on it, but it just seems small right now.

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Is this a complete repro of the Shanghai ride? I need to know its ride length, so I can edit a cut of "End of Line" to listen to while riding it.


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Beacon Joe

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Looks cool, kind of reminds me of Space Mountain, but it also seems pretty short.

It's a 2:00 duration, the same as Slinky Dog. About 30 seconds shorter than Space Mountain and Mine Train, and a minute shorter than Big Thunder. It's longer than Goofy's Barnstormer and Primeval Whirl.

I was hoping that Disney World would get a longer version than Shanghai's, but I'm still excited to ride it.

ETA: For comparison, it's 1:15 minutes shorter than my favorite coaster (Lightning Rod at Dollywood), and 15 seconds shorter than my 2nd favorite coaster (Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens).
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I haven't been on the overseas parks ones but I've heard raves about it. But maybe this will make lines for the mine train shorter :) (that ride is too short for me to justify anything but a fast pass)


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Based on everything I've read and seen here, I'm going to pre-judge it as a solid "fine". Having ridden Hagrid's earlier in the summer, I was hoping for more additional effects. I expect that the general pop will lap it up, like SDMT or SDD .. but hey, its something new, and that is good. Now, if they'd just squeeze IJA into the extra POTC plot ...

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