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Apparently if you buy a time share in the Contemporary "thing"...Walt Disney personally comes in and tucks you in at night.

It's all part of the magic of Disney Vacation Club....suckering the public out of thousands for well over a decade!

(rolls eyes, face palms, throws himself on a monorail beam)

Disney Vacation Club is ONLY a ripoff when the BUYER has no idea what they're getting into.

It's huge savings if you figure you're going to WDW at least once every other year for years to come, but not all people will but they still buy into it and that makes them stupid- not the program.




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We are DVC's at the Boardwalk and first bought in 1995. At the time the special going on was that you could credit what you paid for your hotel on your trip toward the purchase price. Luckily for us we stayed at the Grand Floridian so we got 150 points for about 2/3rds the price. Then we added on at the Saratoga Springs when that opened on a discount so we now have 300 total points. Now that we live in Florida we can just call up today and go stay at Disneyworld for the weekend if we want to. It works great for us! We aren't good travelers so knowing where to go and what we will get without much planning is awesome. By the way why did the OP say they bought "weeks", because when you buy DVC it is "points"?


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"Chief executive of Euro Disney, Philippe Gas, added that the idea for a 'superheroes park' is a long-term vision that could come as late as 2020"

Either Disney has a really hard time coming up with their ideas for new parks, or Messr. Hilton needs to rethink his statements.....



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I am with DVCowner on the hate stuff towards DVC owners. DVC is not a normal timeshare company and you don't "buy weeks" you buy "points" to use when you want to. It is not for everyone but it works for some families.

ChrisM there may be folks that think you are a "Rube" for spending too much time on a Disney Message Board. Just my 2 cents.


First off I don't consider myself a rube either.

The DVC has a number of difference that make it, to me, beneficial over a 'normal' time share.

1) The fact that you have points, not weeks.

2) The fact that you can book on short notice and still have a pretty good chance of getting a room (not maybe where you want with the view you want, but still a room) - of course peak times do not apply

3) The fact that there are other resorts in the DVC system (Vero Beach, Hilton Head, California, and Hawaii) that I can stay at without invoking transfer costs or draconiain booking requirements.

4) The fact that Disneys ROFR keeps the resale market at a decent level. Meaning if for some reason I ever have to sell my DVC units, I will get at least a somewhat decent price.

I took a long look at the DVC and it does work for me. I pay $702 in dues per year. I have enough points to stay roughly for a week in a deluxe level resort - $100 a night. Of course I also factored in all the up front costs. But what it comes down to now, is the DVC takes about $60 out of my checking automaticly each month, and when vacation time comes, I do not worry about accomidations.

I have friends who own other timeshares, who have been looking at the DVC because it addresses the shortcommings they are finding in the ones they already own.


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