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Test Track Refurb

Test Track 2.0 Love it or Hate it?

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I would have to ride it before passing ANY judgement. I looked at the videos and am not impressed but I think there is more to it than just a video. I think for anyone to say they hate a ride from looking at just a video is a poorly formed opinion...IMO:p


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I've ridden it. When you walk in you will not recognize it as Test Track. As I'm sure has already been stated before, the ride system is the same. The old theme just made more sense. I rode it with a couple of friends who hadn't ridden the old version and they loved it.


I liked the Tron-like visuals...but as soon as I walked into the line it felt more like a huge ad for Chevrolet, rather than a sponsored ride at Disney World. I felt all the "Disney Magic" was missing from the ride and line. I liked designing my car, but felt way too rushed.

The idea of uploading your car into the ride vehicle was cool, but both times I rode it, my car wasn't uploaded. :( I feel the aspect and timing of when you scan your card while in line to board wasn't well enough explained. The first time I scanned my car, it was uploaded into the vehicle in front of us. The second time, I asked a cast member when was the correct time, and then my car was uploaded into the vehicle behind us. So, the fact that the entire point of the ride was to see how your designed car held up against the others was completely missed by me. :(

Overall, the ride felt more like an "in progress" interactive advertisement rather than a completed attraction.

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