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MCO was not my favorite experience earlier this month. I am just playing around, but flights from Dallas to Tampa would run us like $500 cheaper. Car rental is about $100 each way. But we could stop and pick up groceries and then turn it in for the week. And I did look, but I am not sure anyone flies from Dallas to Sanford.


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Make sure you are looking at the drop off fees flr one way rentals. May get a better rate by just keeping the car for the week.


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And I did look, but I am not sure anyone flies from Dallas to Sanford.
Allegiant flies into Sanford from TX, but only from Austin and McAllen. Allegiant also files from Shreveport LA which appears to be roughly the same distance from Dallas as Austin is (around 3 hours). It would have to be a significant savings to make the 3 hour drive to/from either Austin or Shreveport worth it.


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Like the previous poster said, check out all the car rental options.

We've flown to Tampa to save money, and it is definitely worth it, IMO. The drive to WDW from Tampa is a piece of cake, as long as it's not near a rush hour. Keep in mind that if you do happen to use Allegiant (and still choose Tampa), the Tampa airport for Allegiant is the St. Pete airport (PIE), rather than the bigger Tampa airport (TPA). Allegiant almost always uses secondary airports where available.


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Years ago (when DME was still a thing) I used to fly into Tampa quite often for work. I would have 2 - 3 days of meetings in Tampa.

I would instead fly into MCO (for me, it was usually around the same price, and often a much better schedule), rent a car, and drive to Tampa for my business meetings. I would then take vacation days, drive up to WDW, drop the car off at the Dolphin (for no extra cost) and stay in WDW. I would then take DME to MCO and fly home.

That was back when an AP was worth it for me.

The Tampa / WDW drive is not a bad drive at all.

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