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News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)


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Eaten horse. It's not so bad actually.
Though I've never tried them, french fries fried in horse fat are supposedly very good and are the traditional method of making fries in Belgium. I guess that's another reason for me to visit Belgium one day.

I have tried donkey dumplings. They were ok, but not as good as my friend made them out to be. Apparently they are supposed to have medicinal qualities in addition to their distinctive flavor.


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Did any of us realize that "reflections" spells "snoitcelfer" when written in reverse?

I love it. snort


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Quick! Someone get Backdoor Disney to sneak in so we can get one last look! ;)
Honestly, I think the park's been documented more since it closed then when it was actually open!
Also BlogMickey with a bunch of pictures:
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