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The family is heading to Disney World in January and we were wondering if pin trading among cast members and pin boards in the various shops and resorts are still available to trade with?? Thank you in advance.


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Resorts have pin boards in their gift shops. For the parks you can look up online where trading is going on or CM's can give you a park map and they can circle the various sites where pin trading is taking place. The trading process will vary from place to place. Some sites will have a cork board on a stand or placed on a counter and you tell the CM what you wish to trade for and they will handle the entire pin transaction. They will have a bucket or some other container nearby for you to deposit your traded pins. Other places will let you remove the pins you want and then place your pins in a receptacle. Some spots have the pin boards close up and other spots have the pin boards located 6' back from where you stand and it will be difficult for you to sometimes see the pins clearly. I had a rude CM refuse to move the board slightly closer so I could get a view of what I wanted to trade for. It also varies on the number of pins you can trade. Some CM's stuck with the 2 pin limit and at other sites said I could trade over 2 if I saw something I wanted.
Have fun trading. I'm glad Disney is still doing at least some pin trading with guests.

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Just please don't buy job lots off ebay, they are fakes and even without Covid and all that it has ruined pin trading. i have stopped pin trtading with other guests who produced a ziploc bag full of pins and will only trade with CMs that don't have lanyards full of traded fakes (not their fault, they are obliged to trade) I'm a beggar for collecting a set of mystery pins on every trip so end up with doubles and I've paid good money for them so why should I have to trade for a fake. It's common knowledge that job lots are all fakes, so anyone who does it is being dishonest. I've found new ways to use any doubles I may have in my crafting rather than trade for a fake.

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I've been sorting out my pins after buying new ones in March and finding some I bought just before I moved and shoved in a cupboard in my new house. It brought it home to me how much pin trading has changed in recent years and I'm talking the last 5 or so years, so nothing to do with Covid. Going through my binders I found pins from Disneyland and WDW from long before I went to either park, lovely genuine pins and I remember trading ones I got from Disneyland Paris for them. Go there now and the boards are just full of the fakes (scrappers) and people still pulling out ziploc bags of pins (a classic sign of Ebay scrappers) There were people like me, who had lanyards full of the genuine pins, but, they weren't trading,only buying. I brought over a lot of genuine doubles and was collecting the UP set that was there, but, I'm not trading a pin that cost good money for a fake. My opinion is that pin trading, as it originally was, is long dead and joined the happy haunts, I think I traded a pin once as I recognised a genuine pin while resort hopping at Port Orleans. And have you noticed that Disney no longer produces those sets on lanyards where there was two of each, one to trade and one to keep.

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