My 25th Birthday, eat-not-so-much TR


Welcome! This is the trip report for my quick weekend 25th birthday trip report! For the pre-trip report, click here!

The cast for this trip is much simpler than our last one! The only participants are my husband (27) and me (turning 25)!


The Plan

The goal for this trip was a quick in-and-out weekend trip packed full of dining and all four parks! Our plan was to drive down overnight and arrive Saturday morning to get to Animal Kingdom. We would spend the first night in a DTD hotel since we were running short on DVC points after our honeymoon, then switch to OKW on Sunday. On that day, we would also be visiting MK with my cousin and her family! Monday would be packed full with DHS, Epcot, and a dessert party. We would head back Tuesday morning after breakfast!

Stay tuned for the trip report and to find out what actually happened, since nothing ever goes the way I plan!


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I am so sorry to hear of your illness. I'm so happy it turned around quickly. I have never been in your place on vacation, but I do know at home it has happened and has been wicked. I can't imagine being that sick at WDW. I hope that the remainder of your trip goes smoothly and you're able to enjoy.

It was horrible being sick! I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Loving your TR! :)

Thank you! :)

I've been sick at WDW before, but glad to hear that it started to turn around in just a day! I hope you at least were able to enjoy the rest of your trip.

Yes, I was really glad I was able to hit the parks the next day, even if I couldn't eat much.

Awww, I am so sorry you got sick. One year we had stopped at KFC on our way to the resorts and I ended up with food poising. What an aweful way to start a vacation. So glad you made a quick recovery and thank goodness for anti nausea meds. Enjoying your TR very much.:)

That's terrible! And thank you! :)

When I got the flu at Disney, I had a check-out problem, too. Flight wasn't till 7 p.m. And ere was no way I was going out for all that time. I had to pay for another full night's stay just to stay there until 5:00.

Love the apple lamp!

I was so hoping that this time, you wouldn't get sick, lol, even though I knew it was coming. :)

It's crazy! You'd think they could make some ind of exception!


i think i know what urgent care you went to .... i had the same situation when i went in January '12.. atleast they diagnosed one of use right :)

Yep, it sucks. I'm sorry they didn't diagnose you correctly!

Sorry you got sick :( :( were you able to make it to the snack party?

I was able to make it, but not to eat. :(


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Day Three

It was our third day and our only full park day, but we still didn’t get up at the crack of dawn. I wanted to get a little extra sleep based on the previous day’s events. We woke up at 8:30 and I felt much better, though I was still queasy. I attempted to eat some of the grits we’d grabbed the day before, but the variety of flavors was overwhelming to my early morning stomach and I had to put them back in the fridge. We decided to take the car to Magic Kingdom as opposed to the bus because I tend to get nauseous on the busses on a good day and we didn’t want anything exasperating the situation. I found a big back of trail mix in the car and had a little of that. Mmmmmm breakfast!


We got to the TTC and hopped onto the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We got there and it was still fairly early, maybe 9:30am. Coda was hungry and hurried over to Sleepy Hollow. We had been looking forward to waffle sandwiches, but I didn’t get one. Instead, I tried a bite of his, scared to eat much of the sweet Nutella goodness.

Our first new experience of the day was none other than the Rapunzel bathrooms! They were so pretty! I just wish they’d done more with the area.



I love the little Disney touches!


The first ride of the day was Haunted Mansion, my personal MK favorite! I was hoping to ride several times, but we had other plans. After HM we made our way to New Fantasyland. On the way Coda stopped to get fastpasses for Peter Pan’s Flight and was ecstatic when he also received surprise fastpasses to Philharmagic! It was so cute that I didn’t have the heart to point out several other people who were in the process of getting the same “surprise”. :p

Next we made it to the Little Mermaid, which had about a 25-minute wait at that point. For some reason the line completely stopped right outside of the room housing the ride itself. We literally stood there for a good 10 minutes not moving at all. Finally we got inside and the ride was, of course, adorable. Next up, Coda was dying to use his surprise fastpasses so we went to see Philharmagic. This is still one of my favorite shows at Disney World!

By this point Coda was getting hungry, but I wasn’t ready to eat. We headed over to Frontierland so he could have a turkey leg since he’d never had one. As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed it, though he was unable to finish the whole thing.


Since we were in the general area, we decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. After all, what would a WDW trip be without PotC? Once we’d finished there it was time to use our fastpasses for Peter Pan! I don’t care what anyone says about the neon colors and outdated feel of the ride in general. I LOVE this ride!

By now we were both ready to eat, though I knew I couldn’t have an entire meal. We got in line at Be Our Guest and were told it would be about 30 minutes. While we were waiting we saw a little ducky family who were all very confused about the woods backdrop under the bridge.


Once inside there was some confusion about ordering. We were pointed to a cashier who seemed to be very annoyed that we wanted one quick service meal for Coda and a snack for me. Eventually he was able to get his thoughts together and told us to go get another rose. Apparently you can’t put a snack and a QS on the same one. We sat in the West Wing for the first time and it was enjoyable. It wasn’t loud, which I was worried about having heard many complaints here. Coda had the steak sandwich and I had the potato leek soup.


It was SO delicious! I ate the entire thing! I will be ordering this on future trips, sick or not!

After lunch Coda begged to see Stitch’s Great Escape since neither of us had done it. We had watched the video of the previous alien ride and immediately noticed the similarities. The shoulder restraints were extremely uncomfortable. I’m not a super skinny person and it was pounding against my bones every time Stitch “jumped” on them. My shoulders were actually sore for the rest of the day! The show itself was okay, I guess, though I’m biased because of my time here. Coda said he liked it more than some others he’s been on.

By now it was time to head over to Epcot if we planned to do anything before dinner and the dessert party. We hopped on the monorail and back in the car and quickly made our way to Epcot. It was fairly empty and we parked pretty close. I love being at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival and this was the 20th Anniversary celebration!


Our first ride was, of course, Spaceship Earth, which was as magical as every other time. I don’t know what it is about this ride but it is my absolute favorite out of all the parks. Next Coda wanted to do Test Track. I encouraged him to go in the single rider line (15 minute wait) and he agreed, though he usually doesn’t like riding things without me there – my mom says it’s a newlywed thing! I waited inside Mouse Gears and was upset to find that there wasn’t a Flower & Garden Festival mug this year and the shirt was almost identical to last year’s design, just with Minnie instead of Donald. I didn’t get anything. :(

After I met Coda it was already time for dinner and we headed to France. On the way we saw this little guy:


Our reservations were for 4:30 and we were seated promptly. I had French onion soup without the bread, baked mac & cheese, and chocolate mousse for dessert. I really just sampled each of them since I couldn’t stomach very much of it.



Coda had some steak dish and a puff pastry thing with ice cream in it. He really enjoyed everything as well as the rest of mine! That man can put away some food!



While we were eating we received a visit from someone unexpected! I thought he only came out at lunch, but Remy arrived at our table and Coda was so excited! He got to talk to him for a couple minutes and loved every second of it.


There was an older couple at the table next to us. You know how you can tell if people are really snooty and “uppity”? Well, these people were. The lady had perfect posture, was dabbing her mouth with her napkin all proper-like. Well, the woman pushing the cart with Remy went over to these people next and said, “Would you like to meet the chef?” The woman quickly said “no.” Remy’s friend looked at us, said, “that was a first!” and walked away. It was so strange! :confused:

After dinner we headed back towards future world to do our AP exchange. We saw some interesting characters on the way.


We got our AP exchange out of the way and then decided to go see Nemo! This is one of my other favorites. Sorry to all of you who still despise poor Nemo for taking over the Living Seas! The ride was so much fun! Then we walked around the aquarium for a while. We love the manatees! My goodness there were some dumb people walking around in there though! This one woman looked at the dolphin tank, saw a dolphin swim by and says, “what are those?” Her daughter tells her in an annoyed tone, “Mom, those are dolphins,” to which the mom replied, “oh.” :rolleyes:

Next we headed over to the Land, which was closed. It was right around 7pm and I guess they close at that time, which is understandable since it’s a greenhouse. What I don’t understand is why Journey Into Imagination was closed when we got there. We asked the CMs why they closed at 7 and were told they didn’t know, they just do. Instead we headed over to the butterfly house and walked through. We didn’t see a lot of butterflies, but it was still really pretty.


It was getting close to the time to check in for the dessert party, but Coda wanted to grab a beer in Germany and I wanted a bubble tea. We saw that the line for Mission: Space was only about 10 minutes, so Coda got in line and I sat down on a bench to wait. While I was waiting I saw the most disturbing wardrobe malfunction I’ve had the displeasure of witnessing in quite a while. This woman walked by, probably in her mid-50s or so, wearing Victoria’s Secret booty shorts. This would have been fine on a younger woman, but it would seem that as women age, body parts start to sag a little… Every time this woman took a step, a butt cheek would pop out of her shorts. It was really not okay. But I also saw these guys while I waited and they made it all better.


Coda enjoyed his ride and we started to head back to the World Showcase. He got his beer and I got my tea!


It was amazing! Peach oolong, if my memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately I could only handle about half of it before I had to throw it away. We got in line for the dessert party and were let in right at 8:30. The party area was right next to the fish & chips shop. My stomach was not having any of it! I had a box of popcorn. Coda had quite a bit more than I did.


School bread, cupcakes, carrot cake cookies, and more! He loved all of it, I’m sure. We were moved down next to the water for the show. It was a perfect seat! The only bad thing was that the wind was blowing our way and tons of ash ended up in our hair!


Many showers were had that night. The best part of the night was meeting AJ, the writer at Disney Food Blog and the one who put on the party! She had found out that I was sick and offered to fill a popcorn box with stuff to go. She also offered to comp me a ticket for the next event since I was completely unable to enjoy this one. She is such a lovely woman!

After the fireworks we went back to the hotel, washed the ash out of our hair, and went to bed. The next day we would be leaving.

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