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Loging into Monsters University


Original Poster
I wonder if they will hand out ID cards at special events or something as the movie gets closer to being released.

But that won't stop me from trying to find a way in before that!

Cosmic Commando

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Lots of cool stuff to click through on that site. I love how they captured the uplifiting generic college promo material vibe. Here's a map of the campus:


The Epcot Manifesto
Now, I wouldn't call myself an expert in web design or javascript, but looking at the page source, I think that at least for now, it's a dummy function that lies beneath this:

function checkLogin() {

if(loginAttempts < 3) {
$("#logincheck").html('M.U. Net ID Not Found.<br>Please Try Again');
} else {
$("#logincheck").html('Please Contact Administrator');


Now, that does not mean that they couldn't replace this dummy function (which basically says "M.U. Net ID Not Found" until you've tried 3 times, then tells you to contact the administrator) with a real set of code and target page, if they start doing some more promotion in the future.

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