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Dawn, don't give them any ideas! :rolleyes: We have enough trouble on our hands just with the combination of who we're dealing with here, let's not help them get too comfortable! I'd hate to see where that could lead! :zipit:


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Originally posted by Dawnie
I migrated too.

You don't get away from me that easily hog-boy??

Um, are you and Vince going to start that VinceDew empire thing again?:mad:

Uh, Dawn, that is Hog-MAN!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Originally posted by FantasiaBish
Welcome Hog but I have one thing to say:

Rocky Top,
you'll always be,
home sweet home to me,
good ol Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee

Please, anything but Rocky Top!


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Re: Thanks

Originally posted by DisneyHog6

Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys.:D

Actually, I've never been to Saigon...:lol: I'm from Jacksonville, Ar though. Not a bad place. I miss it. But then again, living in Delaware could make me miss just about anywhere.:lol:

Well the fact your down in SLOWER LOWER Delaware has got to stink. :lol: Come up above the canal and life isn't that bad!!!

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