How Many Days for You? Part 12


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66 days until we arrive!
(65 until we leave home to stay overnight at an airport hotel before our early morning flight.)
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I definitely enjoyed our countdown together. I will be starting a live trip report tomorrow. Hopefully we can meet up and at least take a picture together. Be safe on your flight and have a magical trip!!🤗
I'll follow your report. If there's a day we're going to be near each other (bound to happen), I'll check in with you and hopefully we can say Hi.

Our trips were initially going to overlap at the Boardwalk Resort, but I made a late change because my friend has already stayed there and is dying to try out Old Key West. (BWV is my DVC Home Resort, so I already stay there all the time)
Drive Safe!!
My name's Jeff, but you also call me "Fanatic". 😅😂🤣
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