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Planned to do this back in April, and I've been waiting (very impatiently) for the MK to reopen. Day 1 of the park pass reservation system was nerve-wracking, but we got our passes relatively easily (resort + passholder). Thankfully the reopening actually happened, and we got it done!

Arrived around 10:30, and I was ready to go during our walk down Main Street. I had the ring in a small, customized box (I highly recommend Wanderweg on Etsy), and getting it through security on the walkway from the Contemporary was super easy (I was expecting to have to put all metal and electronics into a plastic bag, according to the cast member preview youtube videos, so I put the box in my battery charging pack's mesh bag). Once inside, I "had to use the bathroom" where I transferred the box from the battery pack to my pocket. We walked down Main Street and "oh crap!"...there were no Photopass photographers on Main Street!!! I was surprised and disappointed, and it ramped up my anxiety to 11. We headed to Tomorrowland, and on CoP, her hand was near my pocket and she said "what's that?" I had a mini heart attack and said "nothing." Ugh! Why couldn't there have been photographers earlier so it would already be done?! We did a few more rides, got a few non-Main Street photos, and i asked the PP guy when they'll be on Main Street...he said after noon. We sat out a brief rain storm in the castle tunnel (got some great photos of it empty), checked on the Haunted Mansion (still down), and walking across the bridge to the hub, I saw the PPs were out on Main Street! There were two PPs in the area where I wanted to do it, one in my preferred spot next to Caseys, and another where the street and circle meet. I was scanning both spots for which one to choose, and I chose the latter, non-preferred spot for one simple reason...the Casey's spot PP was older and I was concerned he wouldn't be able to get a lot of good, quick shots. Our guy Josh did a great job...close ups of the ring box, he moved around us to get different angles...just a great job. When I kneeled down and started to lower my mask he told me I (we) have to keep it on. We saw him later that day and he apologized for making me do that, but he said if our masks were off all our photos would have been deleted. I'm very glad he had the knowledge and quickness to tell us.

We got a big cheer from the crowd and many congratulations as we walked away. Such a surreal experience, and I'm so glad I waited to do it there. Extra special for these two Disney nerds! :D💍


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