Frozen Sing-Along Celebration available on FastPass+ from Sep 2


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To me this makes sense because walking up to a cast member and asking for a paper ticket seems a little cumbersome.


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Right now it's only available through 9/28. I wonder if that will be the end of it's Premier Theater run as they use a month+ to prep Superstar Television Theater.


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Does having a FP+ gaurantee you a seat?

Just my guess, but I assume they probably keep the head count in line with the number of seats in the theater. This would be done to maintain compliance with whatever fire code regulations they had, for the size of the venue. Also, I imagine it is probably safer for guests to be seated, especially when the theater lights are lowered for the show.


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Will the paper passes be gone entirely when this goes live tomorrow? Just trying to plan our day as we weren't expecting to use a FP+ slot for it.


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At this point the waste of a fast pass isn't really an issue. The crowds and wait times in September for DHS are nearly non-existent. I ended up "wasting" a fast pass on Muppets 3d because I couldn't find anything else to use it on. So long as RnRC, TMM, TT are in separate tiers, then this doesn't hurt FP options at all.


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Is this still "officially" ending at the end of September?

As of now, but anything is possible. I wouldn't count on anything continuing past, but there is a chance that portions of the show could continue on. The fireworks are the most at risk of ending, followed by the ice skating. The Store, the welcome, and the sing a long don't really seem to be in much danger of closing in my opinion.


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Will there also be a standby option for the show? From my limited understanding of the paper ticket system, you must have a ticket to be admitted into the theater. It seems like they could be putting themselves in a bad situation where FP+ could run out before the park opens, essentially blocking off-site guests from seeing the show


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I would look to see this show continue for a while. I know several people who were in entertainment and were put on an equity contract to continue this show.


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Got the FP+ today for three on thursday {4th Sept} Didn't see anything of ending. Going to assume a fastpass is needed because the old AIE location had FP return line ? If they move it over there it makes sense. Just need to make it feel like Arendelle


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I added the "Frozen - Sing Along" FP+ today for 9/15. I had to delete one of my earlier FP+ choices though...

I called 1-800-848-6413, Option #3.


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I got it about a hour ago, I had to switch all my FPs to get it though. The good thing was after I got it, it was for 3:25, I was able to chage it to 12:25, it was a perfect fit, with my luch, and other fast passes!

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