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Does anyone miss Alien Encounter, or is it just me?

never got to ride when i had the chance!
they turned it into Stitch when I was eight...

A damn shame... My dad [and I think my mum] both loved AE a bunch when it was running.
Went on Stitch though back in March... sucked eggs. I went on it mainly for Skippy actually haha.
my sister wanted to MURDER me for riding it with her a second time because i wanted to take pics of Skippy lol

i gotta support my little softboy space tapir-hamster thing you know. he's a good little noodle


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I miss it so much! It was definitely scary - I remember being terrified the first time I went on it but after that initial time, I loved it every time. It definitely gave MK's Tomorrowland that thrill edge but I understand why it was closed due to parents believing it was too much. Either way, I love watching old videos of it and seeing and hearing all the celebs involved!
Alien encounter should have been moved to MGM studios it would have been a much better fit rather than MK- it would still be relevant today. The ride was great I was so sad to see it turned into Stitch AE was my all time favorite

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Tim Curry is one of my favorite actors, so I miss Alien Encounter just because I miss S.I.R.... maybe there are opportunities to bring him back into the park... Muppet's Treasure Island overlay of Pirates of the Caribbean? Clue overlay of Tower of Terror? IT overlay of Dumbo?