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DCP Housing Question

Sara Tate

New Member
Original Poster
I have applied for this disney college program and i will defiantly have to live in their dorms if i get in. Whats the best building and room type? Is it worth it to get a bigger room with more roommates or should I just stick with the one roommate?


Well-Known Member
I did two programs (Spring 2014 and Summer Alumni 2015) I lived in a Patterson 3 bedroom both times and loved it. More roommates the cheaper the rent usually. The Commons is very nice but is usually for International Programs, it has a market and washing machines in your unit. Patterson does not have bus stop but is a 5 min walk (if that) to the Chatham bus stop. Often times it may be a closer walk than some of the Chatham buildings. Feel free to message me with any questions!

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