Dark PerGron's Manor of Mysteries [Hype Thread] {Sign Ups}

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Over the last few months, you may have noticed strange occurrences or behaviors, the darkness that clouds these forums has spread, finally covering us in a dense layer of fog. The plantlife has grown out of control and a sense of madness is ever present. We are now in a place of darkness, a domain of the mysterious, a place where creatures lurk and the dead rise (though that one wasn't on us, we're not really sure what's going on there).

This is the place where the Manor of Mysteries sits; an ancient manor filled with trinkets and treasures from across the globe. Curiosities both natural and supernatural existing within the same set of walls. As for me, I am the curator of this madness and this manor. I am Dark PerGron, and while we are not quite ready to open our doors to you just yet, it is time to get our precedings begun.

Manor of Mysteries will be a challenging competition full of twists, turns, team play, and backstabbing. It's best to enter the manor with a plan, because the people you trust today shouldn't be trusted tomorrow. If you enjoyed the casual and lax gameplay of What If this summer, I'm happy to inform you, this will be nothing of the sort. Of course, we will still have plenty of room for fun surprises, gameplay, and team moments. It won't all be darkness.

The game will be hosted by myself as the curator of the house, as well as my two friends and associates @JokersWild and @mickeyfan5534. The two of them may offer advice and moral support throughout the game, so don't be afraid to reach out to one or any of us.

This thread will serve as our hype thread and we're abandoning the old one for ease of finding information important to the game.

But with that all out of the way, I'm happy to share that the gates may not be open, but the queue is! Sign ups begin now and will go until we reach a maximum of 20-25 or the game starts which is next Friday, October 13th, the luckiest day of the year. We also currently have Project Zero going on where its free to anyone who would like to play, so if you haven't already, go ahead and jump in!

Now it is time to sign up below and we'll see you at the Manor of Mysteries!​


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I’ll pass. Want to take a break from comps but I wouldn’t mind being a guest judge for the 10000th time
I also wouldn’t mind, but mine will CLEARLY be for the 1st time. Think this is the most personal schedule friendly way for me to partake in this event somehow, because playing is kind of a commitment that I can’t handle, what with my school!

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