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Where does Disney get their construction walls? I've always been curious if there's a specific company that makes them, since Disney and Universal have very similar temporary walls to block the view of construction, or do they just make them in-house and one copied the other with the design of them. Also, are there any companies that sell them - either used Disney ones on auction, or new custom-made ones? I've always had a strange fascination with Disney construction and construction walls and I've always wanted to get my hands on a piece of one. Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks!


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The look similar because they’re very simple wood frame walls. It’s basically the same way you’d frame out any wall, but only one side is solid and the other has kickers so that stacks of “cinder blocks” (CMU, concrete masonry units) can be used to hold them in place.

Securing the project site is a standard part of a contractor’s responsibilities for most building projects. In the theme parks that is just more specifically solid walls, instead of something like a chain link fence, with a finish on the guest side.

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