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Child swap in line/ Fastpass


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A liitle help will be appreciated. My son and DIL will be going to Disney this April with my two grand kids (without me!) His wife will be 6 months along with their third. They have questions on rides that don't take three across and they will have to use the swap option. Since she won't be able to ride some of the more "violent" rides. Can he ride twice once with each kid. He say the official site says the same parent can't ride twice, but in this case, she won't be able to ride at all. And how does this work on rides that require fast pass, does he take her fastpass to ride with child #2, thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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As long as you let a cast member know this shouldn't be an issue! I've seen people post about this before, they usually have the pregnant woman and child wait to the side and then swap the kids out. I am not sure how it works with FastPasses though.. I suggest actually calling Disney and simply asking. I've done this on a few occasions with things that I just can not find answers for anywhere! They're more than willing to help:)


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We are going as a family of 5
2 x adults
2 x child 4&6
1 x child 1

So my question is this, since 1 yo will not be able to ride quite a few of the rides (most), and some of the rides take more then 3 side by side can my wife use her fastpass and take 2 kids on, and then me use my fastpass and take the kids on straight away again in a childswap scenario? or would it be a case of we both take a child each on? and also do the children need fastpasses? and if so would that restrict them to the 1 ride? Just wonder where disney draw the line in child swap and children that are height eligable riding twice?


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Oh man. Barking up my tree. I need to know this info too. Got a 46 inch kid and a 41. Poor little guy won’t be able to do some stuff. Maybe he will grow some.

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