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Checking Out on Race Day

Mad Stitch

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Has anyone ever run into any issues when your resort check out day is race day? Here is my situation, my friend and brother will be running the Dark Side race and have no interest in moving out of the last corral. Will there be enough time for them to finish the race, get back to the room, shower, and checkout before the 11 am checkout deadline? They are not super slow runners, they should finish within three hours.


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I haven't, and I've checked out a few times after the full. Having all your stuff packed in advance is very helpful. They can ask for a late checkout, but they won't grant it until the night before, most likely only til 12, but possibly 1. And depending on the resort, they may be able to shower at the pool/gym, allowing for even more time in their day. Heck, drop your bags off with bell services the night before just to be on the same side.


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In the Parks
I have done this once before. I ran the Wine & Dine Sat night and had Tough Mudder Central Fla Sun at 8am, with a check out at 12noon. I left the privacy sign on my door, returned closer to 1230, grabbed my already packed bags and went for a shower at the gym (did not want to muddy up the room shower).

You and your buds should really be fine.

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