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I am hoping to get some input from former TOT castmembers on the functionality of the various buttons on the elevator control panel; what works, what doesnt, what used to work but has now been automated.
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While I am not a CM, I can tell you what the majority of these buttons do.
The four buttons at the top left were for the original phone system, pushing one would call the phone for that area. This has since been moved to a separate phone system in the cabinet to the right. The switch at the top center is a manual door control switch. For example, I have seen them use this switch to close the doors when a breakdown occurs or don't want guests to board yet. The E-Stop button is pretty self explanatory, it puts the whole side into an E-stop. The Load Spiel button activates the load spiel audio when pressed(not automated). The "This car next" light comes on when the lift is arriving at loading before the doors open. The "Alarm Silence" light comes on as well as a loud piezo whenever a breakdown occurs and when pressed, silences it. Unsure exactly how the "Lift Reset", "Reset", and "Lift Call" buttons/lights work.
The "Seat Belts" button is used to manually unlock the seat belts in case someone messed up their seat belt and needs to correct it. The CM will pull it to unlock it and then push it in again once they are retracted.
The "Door Open" button is used to cancel the dispatch/Advance and reopen the doors provided that they didn't close fully yet. Doing this won't stop the show effects such as lighting and audio though.
To do a dispatch, the CM must be holding the "Advance Ok" button and then push the "Advance" button to start the dispatch.

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