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We are doing one day at MK, it is a night of the MNSSHP, and we are going to the Party that night.

Going on Tron for the first time, and Tiana's are big must do's. We are going to buy Genie+, and ILL's.

I know answers to this will be sparce since Tiana's isn't open yet, but how quickly do the ILL's for SDMT go? I am thinking I should prioritize getting Tron's ILL on my phone, and my husband get Tiana's immediately at 7 a.m. Then whichever of us is done first, then do SDMT? Or would SDMT already be gone by then? It has been about 2 years since we last went, so not sure how Tron has changed things.


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Assuming you are a resort guest: the typical order of operation at 7am is
1) VQs (these sell out within a few seconds) if you want to ride Tron more tha once
2)LL (Tiana's will be the hotest ticket in town). I recommend grabbing whatever you can ASAP then modifying it until you get the time you want for ~3mins
3) ILL Today (6/4) at 3:20pm both Tron and 7D are still available (Tron has a 3:40 return time and 7D has a 10pm return time)

As far G+ ride tiers for MK are (as in how fast they sell out)

S: Tiana's (I assume this will be in a league of its own)
A: Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan
B: Space, Big thunder
C: Haunted Mansion, Pirates
D: Buzz, Pooh, small world
E: Mermaid, Dumbo
F: Barnstormer, Tea Party, Carpets, Speedway


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I agree, although I’d leave Modifying the Tiana G+ until later.

After the initial rush, available times tend to push later - being able to see how fast it’s moving helps to get the best time to fit with your plans.


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So my goal is to get 2 rides on Tron and 1 on Tiana (maybe 2 if it works out). The tricky thing is figuring out the orders of operation. We are staying on property and it will be me and my partner on 3 phones and I am wondering if it makes sense for me to be on 2 trying to get VQ for Tiana on one and Tron on the second and see which one we get into. While she is trying to get G+ for Tiana. And once she snags that, go for another G+ for Tron.

I am starting to think that maybe I shouldn't even try for the VQ with Tiana and just use it for Tron and bank on getting a G+ slot for TBA. But I wanted to have the best luck to at least get one ride. Does my plan seem to work?

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