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Trip Report A quick trip and a first time trip report


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Enjoying your report! The backyard bbq looks like sooooo much fun! Maybe they'll bring it back after they build the new resort over there.


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Day 3 (last day) Sunday Part 1:

We were moving very slowly Sunday morning. But managed to get up and dressed for a QS breakfast at Roaring Fork. When I realized we were approaching 8:00 AM on our way down I convinced the family to take a quick detour to catch this:


I thought the geyser was fun but the girls thought it was too loud and Z was too hungry to care. So we enjoyed a nice breakfast at Roaring Fork before Z took the girls to play in the arcade while I packed.


Back in the room the girls enjoyed a blacony moment before we left the room for good.



Those stuffed animals were their chosen souvenirs from the trip.

I forgot to mention! While Z was acquiring that cupcake for us the night before I caught a little of the Electrical Water Pageant from the balcony. Not a perfect angle, but it was still neat to catch a little of it.


I didn't get a picture of the water pageant but here was our view. Very pleasant.

We said goodbye to our room and dropped our bags (and winter coats) at Bell Services since we wouldn't be picked up by Magical Express until 6:00 PM.

Took a ferry to the Contemporary to do a little resort hopping.




The giant checkers game was so much fun. But Z and I had to look online for the rules because we couldn't remember how to play! :hilarious: This is especially funny because we are both BOARD GAME people. We own over 100 board games. But it's been a long time since we've played checkers, lol.


As beautiful as this is we just kind of breezed past it. The girls were more excited when we found the Pixar Play Zone (which we are hoping to utilize next trip). It felt a little crowded in this space and we we're happy to hop on the monorail and move on.


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Day 3 Part 2

I love the Poly. Absolutely love it. As much as I understand the appeal of the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian neither of them really do it for me.

But when we stepped off the monorail and walked into the Poly I just felt instantly happy.

We wandered the lobby and the gift shop before heading outside to hit up the Pineapple Lanai.


See that "grassy" area behind them? The girls just ran around and played in that space for a little while. They really enjoyed it.

We got lunch at Captain Cook's. It was really good. (I totally slacked on the food pictures. I'll take more next trip in case I decide to write a TR again....)

We had gotten DOLE whips with rum from the Pineapple Lanai which I had thought would be like the Spikey Pineapples from Trader Sam's. They were not. Just Dole whip and a shot of coconut rum on the side.

I mean we ate/drank them. But after lunch we needed the real thing. I took the girls to play on the beach while Z headed to TS's terrace.


They we're designing theme park attractions in the sand. :inlove:

After what was a very long time Z came back with drinks. He warned me they weren't Spikey Pineapples. They were FROSTY pineapples.

The Trader Sam's Terrace didn't open until 4:00 PM. So Z popped by the pool bar to see if there was another place we could get one.

Z: "Is there anyway you can make a Spikey Pineapple?"
CM: "No. I absolutely cannot make a Spikey Pineapple - but I can make a Frost Pineapple."

The CM explained the only difference was the type of rum used and explain, proudly, that the Frosty Pineapple was made with Captain Morgan SELECT.

The verdict? Delicious! And, dare I say, even smoother and more delicious than a Spikey pineapple.


The man doesn't ask for much on these trips. So it makes me happy when he gets what he wants.



After our drinks and the girls playing in the sand we decided to walk over to the Grand Floridian.

It's funny, I was feeling SUPER full at this point and didn't quite understand why. Writing this reminds me of how much drink/food I consumed in a fairly short period of time! Ha!

The walk to GF was easy and quick. But on the way we had a quick, unplanned and very special stop....
While we have done the Hoop-de-Doo Revue a couple of times, we have never done the Backyard BBQ and now I am so sad that I may never get a chance! 😭. I loved your write-up for that, as it was very clear that everyone enjoyed it, and that there was quality character time to be had. I hope that it does come back, especially since it looks to be very popular. I also agree that your checked shirts were the perfect touch for that event. Good thinking mom! 😉
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