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Recent content by zurgandfriend

  1. zurgandfriend

    What is something you ALWAYS do in Magic Kingdom?

    First attraction is the Haunted Mansion, family tradition.
  2. zurgandfriend

    First time at Yacht Club!

    We stayed at Yacht club for the first time last fall and loved it. Up until then we always stayed at one of the magic kingdom resorts. We loved the pool, the yachts men steakhouse and the breakfast buffet at the ale & compass. My wife and I also enjoyed an ice cream cone at beaches and cream. I...
  3. zurgandfriend

    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    So basically it was an un-magical day, or night, at Disney.
  4. zurgandfriend

    How much did Disneyland in 1955 and Disney World in 1971 change the culture of theme/amusement parks?

    Our trip across country in 1959 to visit California was something I will never forget. Disneyland was not just an amusement park it was, as Walt said, “something for the whole family.” During that trip we also visited Nott’s Berry Farm which just did not compare. Disneyland was the “Gold...
  5. zurgandfriend

    Just curious to hear from others... what do you bring into the parks and what do you bring it in? crossbody, backapck, pockets?

    Other than a wallet and handkerchief the only things I carry are sunscreen and a small medical kit. I keep kit in one of the pockets of my cargo shorts. It is mostly for blisters and headaches and has band aids, ointment, and some Tylenol. It might sound funny, but it used at least once per trip.
  6. zurgandfriend

    What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.

    Grand Floridian cafe and kona cafe for breakfast. We always go to these two and have never gotten a bad brakfast.
  7. zurgandfriend

    What to collect, now?

    We collect mugs and Christmas decorations. We have enough mugs to serve a battalion and enough decorations for 3 or 4 trees but we still collect them.
  8. zurgandfriend

    Best length of stay

    It depends where you are coming from (e.g. Europe or the USA) We live in the USA and tend to stay 7 or 8 days.
  9. zurgandfriend

    Hotels water supply

    I have found the sulfur smell in the water in both Orlando and Jacksonville. I do not know if this is a Florida thing or not. Maybe it's me I tend to be able to detect "foreign" smells since I did a tour in Vietnam. Different cultures have different smells. My DW says I can smell a dog fart on...
  10. zurgandfriend

    Grand Floridian stay?

    I had to laugh about your worrying to “fit in.” When my DS was little he was worried he would not fit in after we told him we were staying there. He put up a fight for the Contemporary or the Wilderness Lodge, however this was a special trip for my DW as she was cancer free and the GF was her...
  11. zurgandfriend

    ADRs are in, touring plans developed, attractions researched...now I have to wait for Sept FP+ reservations

    In my case over the next 2 to 2 and half months I would develop a spreadsheet of everything going into my suitcase. I would be checking everything to see what I am missing, what needs to be replaced, stockpiling toiletries etc. I would do at least one practice packing in August to make sure...
  12. zurgandfriend

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    There is an "it" missing. When ever I deployed my DW always gave me the standard military wife instructions. Do not being home anything I can not cook of play with.
  13. zurgandfriend

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    I liken it to herpes, it just never goes away.
  14. zurgandfriend

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club (Suprise We're Going to Beach Club)

    We stayed at AKL once, it was nice with a good pool and some great restaurants, but it seemed a little distant from everything else. We stayed at the Yacht Club last fall and loved it. It has a great pool the rooms were a little bigger than AKL or WL. YC is close to the restaurants around...
  15. zurgandfriend

    Tony's Town Square Menu Update...and review

    First, I have a vowel on the end of my as well. I’m a Sioux- Cillian. Half Native American and half Italian, and no I have never had buffalo hump parmesan, but I digress. We ate at Tony’s circa 2007 and we also found it meh to say the least. I have had more flavorful food in the hospital. We...
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