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    Original Bride Revealed

    It is the same Bride, but different photos - even beyond the question of whether or not the eyes and heart are edited in, there are subtle differences that prove the "new" photo is a different shot than the famous one. The most prominent one is the veil - in the "new" photo the veil is visibly...
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    Original Bride Revealed

    Well, word does get around! I can really only take credit for finding the photo and noticing the furniture in it - I wrongly theorized it might mean this was a picture of the Disneyland Bride in her original spot before being moved to The Hatbox Ghost's former spot, HBG2 is the one who put the...
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    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    I think what may be a little closer to the truth is that WDI is given the mandate to redo attractions in *·*·*magical*·*·* new ways that also just so happen to bring operational and maintenance costs down. Animatronics and sets being replaced by projections that are cheaper to run, easier to...
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    Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive

    Part of me always wonders if this sort of thing works out because of relative importance - if you have very little, very little things look a lot bigger. But if you have the kind of money where you can have issues with figures in the 6 or 7 digits, there's also a higher liklihood that you can...
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    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    It's very likely that they will, at least at first, yes.
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    Ghost on Sleeping Beauty Castle?

    Given the architecture of the castle, that's not a spot where a person could practically stand unless they were Philippe Petit. It's superimposed. Someone's idea of a fun prank.
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    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    I remember feeling that thing thump beneath me and couldn't believe it'd been sitting there through the whole run of "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience!" Even more amazing to me was that it WORKED after all that time!
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    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    At best they were intending to lead the guest to read the scene not as a depiction as a moment from Moana, but as a moment in human history that would serve as inspiration for the Disney Storytellers who would create Moana. At worst they were genuinely believing this was enough to be able to...
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    Beastly Kingdom vs Pandora

    Beastly Kingdom stoked my imaginagtion more than Avatar does both conceptually and thematically, though I will say that I think what they achieved with Pandora exceeded my expectations on several terms. I will also say that Blue Sky Concepts that never see the light of day are not subject to...
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    WDW Haunted Mansion Graveyard Ghosts Getting New Paint Jobs

    The Phantom Manor Refurb, in my opinion, is a serious case of "The Question is more interesting than the Answer". There's some cool new tech, and for sure the ride needed a deep (deep!) cleaning, but the mystery of the original was FAR more intriguing than the retcon "reveals" of the new one...
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    Former VP Details Original Star Wars Land Plans

    It makes you wonder when they'll say "look, we're clearly on about this whole Door Coaster thing, how about we just spend the money and DO it already instead of dreaming for another decade and then building it anyway". Or if they'll say it. Seems like a no-brainer.
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    Favorite dark ride at Hollywood Studios?

    Well now I'm curious what you'd consider a Dark Ride from the original EPCOT Center lineup. I think I've still got a tension headache from the last E-Ticket argument on these boards . . . #TeamNotMineTrain
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    Favorite dark ride at Hollywood Studios?

    Well, yes, historically that's how it started with like the Pretzel stuff. OG Pan, Snow, and Toad were Dark Rides in the most traditional sense (although executed at an uncharacteristically high artistic level), but I've always been under the impression that it's since evolved to be a little...
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    What is the better land New FantasyLand , Pandora, or Galaxy's Edge?

    If we're voting on the merits of the lands including their attractions I'd give it to Galaxy's Edge, but Rise of the Resistance is going most of the work there. Without Rise, the land is very large and expensive and woefully lacking content and soul. I'm not a Star Wars Fan, though I don't...
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    Favorite dark ride at Hollywood Studios?

    Rise and Railway aren't dark rides? What would you call them? I voted for Rise. I wish it wasn't such a bear to get on.
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