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  1. xcrunxc

    Moana now in FANTASMIC!

    IMG_5497 by xcrunxc posted Nov 15, 2017 at 10:56 AM This was from my visit on November 1st. You can see Moana is there, but Stitch is definitely missing. It also appears there may have been a few other characters missing from my viewing, or they are just more spread out/in different positions?
  2. xcrunxc

    Vote - Favourite Deluxe Resort

    Boardwalk is my favorite by far. It really all comes down to the location. Being able to walk to DHS and Epcot is what makes the Boardwalk really stand out to me. We love to go right to Epcot when we arrive, and a five minute walk to the International Gateway entrance really can't be beat. At...
  3. xcrunxc

    Does Attractions+ Photo Pass still exist?

    It was available when I was there last month (June 11th). I purchased it at Test Track as it was the first attraction with an on-ride photo I rode during my trip. I don't recall seeing any advertising for it, but I asked about it at the photo counter and the CM there had no problem telling me...
  4. xcrunxc

    Glorious vacation ends gloriously

    That calendar looks amazing. Too bad they appear to be sold out, and selling for triple on eBay at the moment. What are the chances they will restock after the new year? I would love to get my hands on one.
  5. xcrunxc

    Are Kilimanjaro Safari drivers required to have a CDL?

    Thanks for the info all! I figured they didn't need their CDL. Thinking about it more, since my park is seasonal I suppose it makes sense to hire only folks with a CDL so they don't have to train them up for a ~6 month season and the park knows they can basically put them right behind the...
  6. xcrunxc

    Are Kilimanjaro Safari drivers required to have a CDL?

    I recently saw a job posting from an amusement park near where I live. They were looking for drivers for their safari ride, and specified that the drivers had to have their commercial driver's license. This parks safari ride is very similar to Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kindgom, which made me...
  7. xcrunxc

    WDW Attraction Summer Madness - Regional Semi #2: Soarin' vs. Peter Pan's Flight

    Soarin' is definitely my favorite of the two.
  8. xcrunxc

    WDW Attraction Summer Madness - Regional Semi #1: ToT vs. SM

    Tower of Terror, definitely. Such a fantastic ride.
  9. xcrunxc

    Picture Challenge - Rare Things

    Here is the Muppet balloon, shown missing in an earlier picture, being painted in the Streets of America: Click for a few additional pics of the balloon in various states of being painted.
  10. xcrunxc

    Are there any attractions that you know you have been on but can't remember?

    If I remember correctly it was the Monster Sound Show and the ABC Sound Studio at various points in its past. I have very very vague memories of what it used to be like. I do remember playing in the Soundworks part after you exited the main show when I was little.
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