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Recent content by wombat

  1. wombat

    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    Bad idea for me. If I lay down, I start snoring
  2. wombat

    Which Disney ride do you think will get the axe next?

    I thought that these rides were a bit lame but were useful for getting out of the sun and cool down for 20 minutes
  3. wombat

    Picnic and Movie Under the Stars?

    Sounds like a good idea, I don't think the cast members would object unless you fired up a barbeque. Only weird if you were paying more attention to the children than the film
  4. wombat

    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    Who is going to supervise the children, make sure they are safe?, take responsibility for the children?, return them to the correct parents?. An absolute disaster just waiting to happen
  5. wombat

    Parks gone to the dogs...

    Sounds like she needs an Emotional Support kick up the ****
  6. wombat

    Anyone ever book something because of hype and then cancel because you just don't care?

    Looking at the list of things you don't like. Why did you book it in the first place?
  7. wombat

    Is It Just Me, or Do Omnimovers Stop a Lot More Than They Used To?

    Quite right. How dare the old and infirm spoil the enjoyment of others. You are very selfish and if you are lucky, you may live long enough to become a 'bit less able'. Another example of Me Me Me attitude
  8. wombat

    News Bird attack at Disney World leaves woman with traumatic brain injury

    Last time I was at Disney, the Sun came out and I got sunburn. Can I sue Disney for not warning me about this?
  9. wombat

    Heat and humidity tips

    Take a small towel with you and wet it as often as possible, then place it on the back of your neck. The evaporation will help to cool you down. Keep it wet with water from drinking fountains/restrooms or a bottle of water
  10. wombat

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    I'll scout one out and hold it while my husband is ordering food. is exactly what is causing the problem in the first place. People sitting at tables with no food while another family member stands in line waiting to be served
  11. wombat

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    Unless you have a member of your party that cannot stand while you are waiting to be served then you should not occupy a table. If somebody is in a wheelchair, then there should be no problem in them waiting for the rest of the party before finding a table. Common Courtesy realy
  12. wombat

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    And get up 4 hours before we went to bed
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