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  1. wityblack

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    I feel like I accidentally manifested this guys. I'm so so sorry, how foolish could I be. Two days ago I was talking non-stop about how I hoped they would update Roger Rabbit with the same treatment Alice got all those years ago. Little did I know the monkey's paw curled one of its fingers to...
  2. wityblack

    What's going on with World of Color?

    I've heard rumblings that something isn't working right with World of Color, and that's why it wasn't brought back for Oogie Boogie Bash. We also seem to be missing the projection barges on the water. Is World of Color actually in need of infrastructure updates before it gets back on its feet...
  3. wityblack

    News Disneyland Magic Key (new Annual Pass program)

    I just lost my place in line!! I’ve been it it for four hours :( I didn’t refresh it just went back to the beginning!!
  4. wityblack

    Rumor Avengers E-Ticket More Dead Than You'd Think

    I was curious if the opening of Avengers Campus had any impact on the prospects of the E-Ticket
  5. wityblack

    WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure to use Virtual Queue

    I pressed it right on the dot and before it could even load our tickets they were gone
  6. wityblack

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    Why Guardians?
  7. wityblack

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    To be fair, Australia barely needs it. But we are kicking butt with this, and it gives me hope that we can bring some entertainment back to our parks sooner than later.
  8. wityblack

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    This is a super late response because I kept away from spoilers until I could go to the park. I actually think the story is pretty strong. In the finales both the original Jurassic Park movie, and Jurassic World movie, a T-Rex fights off another dino, letting the main characters escape. So...
  9. wityblack

    News Disneyland Guidelines note that guests can be asked to leave for using profanity or offensive language

    A welcome change. I've none cast members who have been sexually harassed and verbally abused, even with awful slurs used against them, and the pervading attitude had been "just take it on the chin." Cast members work their butts off to make everyones' days magical, often at minimum wage, and...
  10. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Some people share the link, some the ID, either works. They have the way to get to the page using only the ID in the park-news discord channel.
  11. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Some people are giving away their extra browser pages on the Reddit Disneyland discord, if you send me a message I can give you a link to the discord, and you can try your luck. .67 is pretty close so I'd say within the next couple of hours but I can't be sure.
  12. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    So once you get to 1.00 it's your turn. It randomly moves you up a bit every so often. You start seeing less than an hour at around 0.80. You are getting close! Also 8:06am I'm pretty sure just means when they started the event, but I could be wrong.
  13. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Also: It finally worked! Thank the big Eisner in the sky!!
  14. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    DrAlice, right click the page and press view source. Then on that new page do control+f (or command+f if you are on a mac) and search for "progress" and let me know what number comes after it. It should be 0.something
  15. wityblack

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Congrats guys! Still holding out hope that I get lucky!
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