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  1. winstongator

    Epcot Hotels

    We’ve done yacht club, and enjoyed it. My kids (and I) love the slide and pool. Yachtsman was fantastic. We haven’t don’t it but I want to try boardwalk for the extra stuff to do right there.
  2. winstongator

    Epcot Hotels

    I prefer the dolphin because location wise it matches yacht, beach and boardwalk, but the price is better. We drive so magical express isn’t an issue. We’ve had luck with the buses there too.
  3. winstongator

    Who’s going to Galaxy’s Edge and when?

    I got my fix, or at least a taste yesterday in Anaheim. My family is psyched for it to open in Orlando!
  4. winstongator

    Epcot is kind of a hot mess right now....

    You need to take a picture of the Guardians building that includes Test Track for comparison. If you look at volume, I don't think the Guardians building is much bigger than TT. I noticed the dim dawn of time for the first time on Tuesday. Isn't SSE getting a lengthy refurb soon? I did a...
  5. winstongator

    Trip Report Family Fun in the Hot, Hot Florida Sun!!

    I would have rolled the dice on the mine train FP's. You got the worst of both - no mine train, and got wet. We brought our raincoats when we were there the week earlier and got good use out of them!
  6. winstongator

    Trip Report Family Fun in the Hot, Hot Florida Sun!!

    This is why my HM ride pictures didn't show up. I need to sort my magic bands by old & new.
  7. winstongator

    OK, what could Disney do in the parks that you would actually like?

    We loved the Moana meet & greet. At the time my older daughter would have gone wild for a Dwayne Johnson meet & greet. Now it would be Tom Holland/Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He can’t be at wdw, but can do at DL. I’d like a vr type experience where you see how the park has grown. This would be a...
  8. winstongator

    Next Gen Busses

    I think depending on reception of Skyliner, you could do Disney springs area to the front of Epcot. Solves both the overpass and guests going off trail problems.
  9. winstongator

    Next Gen Busses

    It’s about 0.9 mi, and you’d be crossing animal areas. French quarter to Epcot slightly shorter, about 0.75 mi. Would need to cross bonnet creek parkway and Epcot center drive. Bigger issue could be people going off the trails in areas they shouldn’t.
  10. winstongator

    Next Gen Busses

    The POR Epcot while short would require overpasses. I really like the ones at Disney springs! I’d need to revisit the AKL-DAK route.
  11. winstongator

    4th of July lines, as bad as Thanksgiving?

    Do you have a touringplans account or access to their historical data? We were there that week 2018. The weekend before wasn’t too bad, but week of got bad as you got later into the week. We focused on our fp, rope dropping and non-line activities: Void at Disney springs, my daughters shopping...
  12. winstongator

    Next Gen Busses

    This is a great point about the overall chain efficiency. Buses can be good ev’s because they can accommodate extra large batteries. You’re right about the stop and go, but the buses spend a lot of time idling, and I dont thing the efficiency of a Diesel engine to AC is that good. I’d still...
  13. winstongator

    Next Gen Busses

    You can plug your battery into the usb charger. One level of protection in charging.
  14. winstongator

    2019 Box Office tracking

    I grew up loving the x-me. Cartoon series on after school. I remember watching it while in college. I stopped watching at some point - might have been earlier than first class. You need to watch Logan. Not only one of my favorite superhero movies, but one of my favorites of all time. A...
  15. winstongator

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    What are people’s experiences with the virtual queue? If you get there at 9, an hour after park open, when do you get into the land? How crowded once in? I’m debating going July 14th and wondering if it’ll be crazy.
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