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Recent content by Wendy Pleakley

  1. Wendy Pleakley

    A Poll About This Poll

    The results are very evenly split at this point. This confirms people will disagree on everything, no matter how pointless ;)
  2. Wendy Pleakley

    Can we stop with "What Would Walt Think?"

    For the most part, it's a futile question. Who knows what Walt would have envisioned had he lived longer. He might have introduced theme park concepts we can't imagine, he might have shifted his focus elsewhere. I do think his original notion of Disney theme parks still hold some value when...
  3. Wendy Pleakley

    Do men NEVER stand up for women anymore??

    Interesting to see the level of passion generated by this issue, a relatively short bus ride back to a Disney resort. As someone who uses transit in the "real world" from time to time, I can say that the societal norm (that I see) is that seats are given up for people with a physical need. The...
  4. Wendy Pleakley

    Should we legalize prostitution in the USA?

    Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking. Their founder had the following to say, basically consistent with what some people have said here - that legalizing prostitution can provide a cover for human trafficking, and is not the right...
  5. Wendy Pleakley

    Survivor S38: Edge of Extinction

    I'm overall pleased they're trying to do something a little bit different this season. So much nicer than the overly forced David vs. Goliath nonsense. The advantage menu seems like an okay idea too, but it's hard to imagine it being used other than for immunity. Are they going to actually have...
  6. Wendy Pleakley

    fp+ questions

    Some observations from a few weeks ago: Animal Kingdom: Kilimanjaro Safari FP was not available day of, but Everest was. Likewise for Primeval Whirl. I booked FoP, Dinosaur, and Everest. Should have substituted Kilimanjaro for Everest. Epcot: Soarin FP was available day of, but not Test Track...
  7. Wendy Pleakley

    MK, wow.. you amaze me

    Flight of Passage was down to 20 minutes that day. I was very tempted to head over.
  8. Wendy Pleakley

    Will disney still offer a payment to forego room service

    Yes. Was offered the option this week. $10 per night, less one day of your stay, in the form of a gift card.
  9. Wendy Pleakley

    Is Park Hopper Worth the Extra Cost?

    Here’s an example scenario. I go to Hollywood Studios and see everything I want to see before noon. Not an unrealistic scenario at that park. If I don’t have a park hopper, the rest of my day is wasted because I can’t walk over to Epcot or go to another park. It’s an individual decision. I’m...
  10. Wendy Pleakley

    1st Disney Cruise! Heck, my 1st cruise EVER!

    I’d be more inclined to skip those tourist trap ports more often due to how expensive Disney cruises have gotten. If I’m paying a premium to be on a Disney ship I’d definitely consider staying onboard to get my “money’s worth”. On cheaper cruises or ones with interesting ports, I’m paying...
  11. Wendy Pleakley

    General political chat

    Sounds like walls are needed to protect the rest of the world from the USA. Ironic. They’re not sending their best...
  12. Wendy Pleakley

    General political chat

    As the saying goes, “When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”
  13. Wendy Pleakley

    General political chat

    Because you’d disengage and walk away? Do tell what action you’d take against someone beating a drum.
  14. Wendy Pleakley

    General political chat

    It’s true. It’s confusing because “Wendy” is a traditionally female name. I’m probably using the name because I’m oppressed or masculinity is forbidden. Or something.
  15. Wendy Pleakley

    General political chat

    Are we done talking about how much discrimination men face? Is it too soon to talk about how terrible life is for heterosexuals?
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