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    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Day 2: We were up bright and early to get to Universal for early hours. The park was scheduled to open at 9am but for hotel guests, it opened at 8am which basically guaranteed your entrance into the park. This is something I wish Disney would have considered instead of the "reservation...
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    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Day 1: We arrived at the Providence, RI airport around noon. Security was a breeze as well as the Southwest counter. Bags were checked and we were through security within 10 minutes! Now we had to find something to eat. The only thing open was Dunkin Donuts in the entire airport. Bacon and...
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    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Hello all! This trip review will be mostly text as I did video most of the trip and didn't take pictures. Here are the basics of our trips: Who: Myself, Emily and Nate both in our late 20s living in Massachusetts. Why: We were traveling to Kentucky to adopt a dog on July 5th. We already had 2...
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    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    I was really excited for RoL originally. I saw the multiple versions of the show and it never gave me the feels. I usually just used that time to ride Everest with a 5-minute wait. I liked the idea behind it It just always was meh for us. Which is unfortunate because I love all things Animal...
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    Beaches and Cream

    Hey all! We are down here now and would like to go to beaches and cream just for ice cream. I know in the past there was a take out window. Is this open? And can we visit a resort without a reservation? We would love to just walk around the boardwalk and yacht and beach area.
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    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    I doubt this race will happen I just hope they officially cancel before Star Wars registration.
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    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    Currently registered for W&D weekend and having a really hard time with princess registration opening up. Ideally, we would only do one race and if W&D is canceled, we would do Princess due to work schedules. I know nobody can predict the future but I'm such a planner and know Princess will sell...
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    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    It's smart of Disney to see how the other parks do opening and then change stuff for their opening. Cast Members will also be safer because of not rushing to open. That being said, I was really thinking my June trip would happen once every other park was announced to open in June. We are now...
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    Upcoming trip survey

    This is exactly how we feel. We also talked about the parks not having fireworks, characters, all attractions opened, and bar options (we were looking forward to oga's which I don't see being open for awhile). We are 95% sure we will not go in June, even if they are open. Disney will be there...
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Posting here as well as the thread I created: June/July trips check your email for a survey from Disney! Parks may or may not open but here are some of the survey questions.
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    Upcoming trip survey

    Here are some screenshots from the survey
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    Upcoming trip survey

    Just wondering if anyone else got this email and what your thoughts were on the survey. We have a trip currently booked for June 22nd-June 29th.
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    Pre-Trip The "I hope this trip happens but who knows because of coronavirus" trip

    Oh I hope this trip works out for you! We moved our April trip to June 22nd-29th. We are hopeful because a lot can happen in two months but wish we knew for sure we would be able to go. Florida's peak is supposed to hit a couple of weeks after ours in Massachusetts (apparently ours is in 3 days...
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    Worth the hype?/Unpopular Opinion

    Le Chefs. I honestly think we just had an off night food-wise but we also felt the tables were closer together compared to other restaurants. I'll probably try it again one day but there are a ton of other places I need to go to first. Underrated: Biergarten in Germany. I went here not looking...
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    Rescheduling Question

    Update! Disney was extremely helpful. I originally bought 5-day hoppers on Undercover tourist. When I called they were able to give me an ap discount but I need to update my pass at guest relations before checking in. If I don't then I get charged the rack rate.
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