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  1. WDW_Emily

    Cheer Groups crowds?

    We check in to all-stars two days before the competition in mid-april🤦‍♀️. We are only staying there for a couple of days before going to DAK Lodge but we might switch to pop just to avoid the cheer crowds on the bus and practicing on the greens of the resort.
  2. WDW_Emily

    Resort Re-openings?

    Staying at all star movies mid April and so far looks good to go. There is a cheer competition advertising all stars as the hotel of choice for April so we might be switching over to pop century.
  3. WDW_Emily

    WDW in April or Early June?

    When exactly in April? I am also a teacher in Massachusetts and we have a week off from April 19th-23rd. That week tends to be busy. There are also two cheer competitions happening in April i believe one is the weekend before the 19th and the other is the weekend after. June is nice I've done...
  4. WDW_Emily

    Resort split stay

    PERFECT thank you both!
  5. WDW_Emily

    Resort split stay

    we are going to be staying at all stars and then switching over to dak lodge. Before covid, we usually dropped our bags off in the front of resort 1 went the the parks and when we returned they were at resort 2 at the front of the resort. I know magical express isn't doing luggage so I'm...
  6. WDW_Emily

    How realistic is it that these things come back by the first week of April?

    Going in April as well! Realistically I'm thinking a few more restaurants will be open. Other things not on your list I'm hoping for by the time we go: - ratatouille attraction - extended park hours into the night - night time entertainment, maybe not fireworks for a castle projection loop...
  7. WDW_Emily

    What would you do?! AKA trying to plan all the things

    Should have added where we are flying in from! We will be flying in from Memphis, TN. This is my boyfriend's first trip since he was 6 years old and all he remembers is Rockin roller coaster being terrifying lol. He keeps asking me for fireworks updates weekly in hopes we get to see some. I hope...
  8. WDW_Emily

    What would you do?! AKA trying to plan all the things

    We (2 adults, no kids in our late 20s) are doing down to Florida on April 18th-25th and we are looking for some thoughts with our planning. Currently, we are booked at Animal Kingdom Lodge from the 19th-23rd renting DVC points. We need help with the tail ends of our trip. Question 1: We are...
  9. WDW_Emily

    AKL in April!

    We just booked our first-ever deluxe resort! We got a great deal and will be renting DVC points to visit AKL in April. Our total cost for the week at AKL was under $1,000! I know the resort is currently bare-bones and not fully open but what are some must-do things at this resort if it does...
  10. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Day 2: We were up bright and early to get to Universal for early hours. The park was scheduled to open at 9am but for hotel guests, it opened at 8am which basically guaranteed your entrance into the park. This is something I wish Disney would have considered instead of the "reservation...
  11. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Day 1: We arrived at the Providence, RI airport around noon. Security was a breeze as well as the Southwest counter. Bags were checked and we were through security within 10 minutes! Now we had to find something to eat. The only thing open was Dunkin Donuts in the entire airport. Bacon and...
  12. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Our Covid-19 Orlando trip!

    Hello all! This trip review will be mostly text as I did video most of the trip and didn't take pictures. Here are the basics of our trips: Who: Myself, Emily and Nate both in our late 20s living in Massachusetts. Why: We were traveling to Kentucky to adopt a dog on July 5th. We already had 2...
  13. WDW_Emily

    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    I was really excited for RoL originally. I saw the multiple versions of the show and it never gave me the feels. I usually just used that time to ride Everest with a 5-minute wait. I liked the idea behind it It just always was meh for us. Which is unfortunate because I love all things Animal...
  14. WDW_Emily

    Beaches and Cream

    Hey all! We are down here now and would like to go to beaches and cream just for ice cream. I know in the past there was a take out window. Is this open? And can we visit a resort without a reservation? We would love to just walk around the boardwalk and yacht and beach area.
  15. WDW_Emily

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    I doubt this race will happen I just hope they officially cancel before Star Wars registration.
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