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    Trip Report Wishes Do Come True

    I'm flattered to see that my TR method of taking a month or two between updates is catching on! Keep it up! Lol. Seriously tho, enjoying your adventures and following along.
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    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure

    And there will be people defending mediocre, cheap and unimaginative rethemes forever.
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    Pre-Trip Mixtape - A July 2022 Trip

    Day 5 continued... We started off at MK. Rope drop, headed str8 to Buzz for some reason. I demolished C Minor. @Darstarr will be pleased to see this. Ok, 'm just joking and I'm not gonna do this again. Ill get my own TR finished.
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    Pre-Trip Mixtape - A July 2022 Trip

    Merely suggesting that I'm Specolli. @fractal is more like Nicholas Cage (AKA Brads Bud). 😎😎😎 @lostpro9het is definitely Mr Hand. Jk, Sean. Love you bruh. Now, go and drink yourself a nice low calorie seltzer.
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    Pre-Trip Mixtape - A July 2022 Trip

    Late, but now present
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    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Imagine it's 5 years ago and youre planning a trip to WDW and this type of strategy is not only necessary, but also not even a guarantee to ride or experience a specific lands offerings. Not the entire park, just the specific land of a park. 5 years ago, if you simply paid for a ticket, you...
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    Pre-Trip Wait, What?

    1st : I'm extremely offended by C calling me the "Totinos Guy"!! Arghhh!! I'm gonna report her! Jk 😁 2nd : I really think C and I visited IL Mulino on a bad day for whoever was making the pies. We really look forward to trying it again. Your pizza in that pic looks AMAZING! D : We are...
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    Low Hanging Fruit

    In regards to Soarin', they should offer a special day or weekend specifically to show SoC. Marketing would be easy with social media. They could offer a few merchandise items such as t shirts with "Soarin' weekend", popcorn bucket and add a few food and beverage carts with California based...
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    Pre-Trip Wait, What?

    FTFY At least they offer a decent magic show. They turn $4.99 into $25. #MaGiCaL!!
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    Yes, it was Germany. I remember because that's when C Monster began to get frustrated with the lack of riding something lol. I think she would have settled for Nemo (her least favorite ride) at that point. As you mentioned prior, when you're rolling with 9000, you're in good hands!! Woman...
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    Trip Report We’re Breakin’ Free!

    I'll allow it 😎 And I'm looking forward to y'alls adventures! Drink one (or seven) for me!!😁
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    Pre-Trip New non- political title to come.

    Day 4 ctd... My sister and her DH hubby (🤮) came over to meet us at our room and we headed over to HS. After we entered, I was admiring the views down Sunset Blvd and then out of nowhere, I felt a disturbance in the Force. It was as if the foundational pillars of magic and magicians began...
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    Pre-Trip New non- political title to come.

    We headed over to Epcot while we waited for the room to be ready. We learned about Canada and how it's a lifetime of wonder on this planet Earth!!! J’ai suivi la trace de tes oiseaux de neiges dans les forêts I think we rode Imaganation or something else then we got the room text. We got...
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    Pre-Trip New non- political title to come.

    Day 4 I've already posted a bit of day 4 a quick recap. We checked out of Copper Creek and headed over to our official home, Bowrdwalk Villas!! My sister and crew were staying at Beach Club so it was nice to be over to the them. This would be our 4th different room in 4 days...
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