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  1. tsaintc

    AP Refund Watch

    I would definitely recommend a call. Our refund was 'stuck' (their words, not mine) at processing and would have never been sent if the support team did not intervene. Unfortunately, I was on the call for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Based on what I was told, if a refund is 'stuck', they can only...
  2. tsaintc

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Yesterday (around 1pm ET),I was able to book the Oga (3 time slots), Droid depot (2 time slots) and Savi's (2 time slots) during our upcoming visit in late December with no issues at all.
  3. tsaintc

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge passholder preview notification thread

    Which page are you referencing? I do not see that anywhere.
  4. tsaintc

    Thoughts on our rough plan for parks, dining, and other special items

    I would plan for at least 1.5 to 2 hours of just travel time (round trip) for each of your afternoon return trips for naps. The parks are very busy this time of year, and this impacts everything. Also, I might recommend cutting the amount of total sit-down meals in half. Based on your kids'...
  5. tsaintc

    What remains of Horizons?

    The planter in front of Mission:Space is shaped like the building/logo.
  6. tsaintc

    Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom

    This year will be our 5th time in the MK on Christmas Day. We cannot wait. Yes, it is busy, but WDW is just part of our family, and as along as you keep your expectations in check, you can easily enjoy the day.
  7. tsaintc

    Has anyone spent 2 weeks at WDW?

    We have been going every summer for at least 2 weeks since 2010. Next trip is June 2-17, and I can't believe we are almost a week away from departure. Our longest stay was 22 days, and it was amazing. Also, we only stay on property and typically switch resorts at least once. Long stays are...
  8. tsaintc

    FP! What are my chances?

    I was able to book it in the 'morning' selection of FP+ on my 3rd, 6th, and 12th days of our trip.
  9. tsaintc

    FP! What are my chances?

    I just booked FP+ for our upcoming June trip, and I was able to get FOP for all 3 days we will be in AK during our stay. 2 of the 3 days, all slots in the morning will still open. Just be sure to try right at 7am ET. Good luck!
  10. tsaintc

    News New Theater to be built at the Magic Kingdom - now cancelled?

    I love the news about the new Main Street Theater. Personally, I think this would be a great place to relocate the exhibits from One Man's Dream. The lobby could be setup like the American Adventure venue. And, in a perfect world, the movie from One Man's Dream could be played in between show...
  11. tsaintc

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    Bird on the stick was working today around 1pm. I had not seen it the other 3 days we were in AK since June 24th. Also, the Yeti lighting is much different than strobe b mode. It is a mix of strobe and regular show
  12. tsaintc

    WindTraders is all out of Banshees in The Rookery (NO JOKE)

    In windtraders right now. Plenty of banshees in stock.
  13. tsaintc

    Music of Disney World

    In my opinion, the Tapestry of Nations music is the best music from WDW. Nothing evokes memories quite like this music. I personally think it is a perfect score.
  14. tsaintc

    Guest services texting guests?

    This is 100% true...An old friend of mine worked at WDW back when the MB/Fastpass+ system was being created. He was a part of the IT team that was working through the system requirements. Based on what he used to tell me, I believe they can track just about anything you can think of...
  15. tsaintc

    Fastpass Ride Closed- Different Ride?

    One other point to note here that may seem to way to 'game', but on our last trip we had a FP for PoC. The ride went down minutes before our window opened, and we then received a wildcard option pass. A few hours later, even though PoC was still down, I was able to get another FP. And, once...
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