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    News Disney transforms Magic Kingdom's famous purple wall to celebrate PRIDE Month at Walt Disney World and will donate merch profits to support LGBTQIA+

    The irony of "cancel culture" is the same people harping about it are the same people who are happy saying "go woke go broke" about Disney, meaning "let's cancel them for expressing an opinion we don't care for."
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    Rumor Rosa Mexicano restaurant possibly coming to the Dolphin

    While this really isn't a standout restaurant by any means, I'm happy it's not another steakhouse or Italian place, something which WDW has way too much of.
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    Rumor Disney bus driver busted for grooming kids on chat while at work

    There's no evidence this guy was actually doing anything to Disney guests. He is accused of engaging with a law enforcement officer posing as a child online. There are a lot of moral, ethical and legal issues with these To Catch a Predator type stings. Obviously, if guilty, he should be punished...
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    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Yes, and the limited menu at a lot of these prix fixe menu places, including Space 220, allows them to pre-prep the food and serve it banquet style, which is what the food there basically felt like to me. There was no way they made our appetizers in the amount of time it took them to come out...
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    Well since this post they've reverted it back to what it was quite a bit. That said, I don't think it's quite what it once was - as they still cut corners in a lot of places (the chicken is cheap fatty chicken on the bone, the vegetables are gone in lieu of broccolini nobody eats, the shrimp is...
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    News Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort closing for refurbishment this summer

    Yeah the food, particularly in the later part of the day, dislike cafeteria asian, if that.
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    Pavilion Merchandise or...Lack of..

    This is WDW in general. Stores used to have specific, unique merchandise that was relevant to the area you were in. Now you can buy the same generic crap in Frontierland as you can on Hollywood Blvd.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    I believe Tower and ROTR both have ECVs in the pre-shows. The area past shouldn't be that packed to begin with, since only one side was loading. My point was that the pre-shows, while important, are the end of your express entry via LL. In some cases you still have another 20 minutes past the...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    It's a shame Disney is so insistent on merging LL with stand-by before preshows. Universal does a better job at having Express go all the way to the loading platform.
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    Hour long wait to get through TTC security today - May 23

    Nope. I'll never remember the old days of bag checks when some surly female security guard took out my friend's retainer and rolled it around in her hands to inspect it. Like what?
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    Part of the issues with the pre-shows, for me, is that Disney insists on having the LL/FP queue merge before the pre-show so everybody watches it. This means you're corralled into the general queue of people after the pre-show, which you shouldn't have to do now that you're spending money...
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    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    Not a single bench in basically the whole land. That also goes for a lot of WDW now. Benches are scarce.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    Ridden this a number of times now. This ride is a lot of fun and surprisingly thrilling, which is perhaps most important in a park that was completely void of any kind of thrills. Yes, it's completely the wrong park and yes, there are points of the ride that seem decidedly cheap. Most notably...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    For Rocket Rods Cynthia Hariss was on record blaming a budget-conscious decision to use the flat track and not build new banked curves as the reason for the heavy wear and the attraction's early demise.
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    The exit is also very strange. Looks you're traversing a backstage hallway the minute you exit the unload station until you're outside.
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