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    Walt Disney World annual pass price increases now in effect (February 2020)

    Considering the cost of SWGE, the lost revenue from Shanghai and HKDL and all of the new stuff opening over the next year, I'm actually surprised the increases weren't higher. Doesn't change the fact, though, that after 13 years of APs, we're not renewing next month.
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    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    If you refer to my response to @Benjamin_Nicholas , this was not a troll and is my honest opinion. When I say Voices of Liberty are overrated, I'm referring to their sound and song arrangements, not the technical ability of the singers. As I said, my wife was a voice major with someone who...
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    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Red vest and bowtie for me.
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    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    Nope, this is my honest opinion, and it has nothing to do with song selection. I've never liked that fake, sugary-sweet pop sound and have never felt it fit in with their period dress, patriotic song selection or the rotunda setting. I believe I have described the LS as what a Hallmark Card...
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    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    Festival of the Lion King is one of the worst shows on property. Liberty Singers are overrated.
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    News Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2020

    Awesome, I was hoping they'd sell them eventually. Do you remember which one's were available?
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    And I think I also mentioned this before, but as someone of Scandinavian decent (my grandfather was Norwegian and my grandmother Swedish), I think I speak with at least a tiny bit of authority on the matter. Many of the people in my extended family groups (on Facebook and Ancestry) quite like...
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    Axwell played Cinderella's Castle this weekend?!

    This article just popped up in this old raver's Facebook feed. It looks like Sweden's largest theme park company threw a private party at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and invited WDW employees to attend. Yeah, they got one of the biggest DJs in the world, Axwell, to play a live set right in...
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    News Reservations only Restaurants @EPCOT

    Huh, I figured that had been the case for a long time. I see others have had sporadic, anecdotal success getting walk-up seating, but for us, it has been literal years since we've gotten a walk-up.
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    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    Is the smoker still there for the Festival stand? If so, I'm curious if BBQ Festival kiosks will go away once this place opens. Seems redundant to me.
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    News The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom to close this summer

    Woh, thanks for posting that! I had very clear memories of a Pirate gift shop with flags hanging from the ceiling from when I was a kid, and had started to wonder if I with dreamed it up or it was from somewhere else.
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    Alternatives to Best Friends Pet Resort

    Hi, yeah in the past, we typically were able to fit our doggo in at BFPC the same week we were planning on going (we even were able to get a same day reservation once). Unfortunately, it seems those days are gone. I'm not sure why. More people traveling with pets than prior years? Disney...
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I love Ashoka as a character, but with the exception of a disembodied voice, she was not part of the saga. The audience for TCW is much smaller and niche than the saga audience.
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    It's not nonsense, there IS an extremely toxic subset of the fandom. What is nonsense is denying that it exists. Seriously, though, what exactly would you add to SWGE to "represent the whole saga?"
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Oh, how I miss SW Weekends.
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