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  1. TongaToast21

    Polynesian dvc

    If you are going standard view, I recommend requesting Tokelau.. it is the closes to the GCH and you will have guaranteed "garden" or pool views
  2. TongaToast21

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    If you're going with children ( I believe you are if memory serves?) or it's your first time, you should go. It doesn't blow you away like it may have when it first opened, but the ambiance and experience is still top notch and your family will remember it for a long time.
  3. TongaToast21

    Did Disney put too much stock into Star Wars?

    i know this has been like beating a dead horse but I whole-heartedly agree about retheming the land. I have no interest in going to a place that has no special meaning or connection to the original trilogy.. That doesn't mean I won't go at some point, but I won't be clamoring to get there.
  4. TongaToast21

    DLR crowds over Labor Day Weekend?

    Hi all... thinking about going to DLR Saturday Aug 31 til Tuesday Sep 3.. what type of crowds do you think we would encounter during that time?
  5. TongaToast21

    Limited Edition Magic Bands in the parks?

    Which band are you looking for in particular? I wouldn't mind keeping an eye open for you... I've had good luck with MagicalEarCollectibles and YourWDWstore.net
  6. TongaToast21

    Aunt Polly's opening for July 4 week at the Magic Kingdom

    Looks like unfortunately this is no longer going to be the case and will be closed until late Fall
  7. TongaToast21

    Madame Leota-physic medium?

    collectors item now! like the upside down biplane stamp :)
  8. TongaToast21

    Park Ticket price potentially increasing

    so uh... should i buy my tix for my december trip before july 15th or not? :)
  9. TongaToast21

    Adult but not Signature Dinning for dinner

    The Plaza, Kona Cafe, Le Cellier (pricier)
  10. TongaToast21

    Wizards give smackdown to droids

    I'm with you but it bums me out they didn't using an original trilogy location for the land. I feel like some of the emotional connection gets lost with a place that has no significant meaning to the (original) movies we love. I understand they need to create something new and will cater to all...
  11. TongaToast21

    What's the best WDW secret you know?

    they do 👍.. and almost every other bar you can think of!
  12. TongaToast21

    Remnants of former attractions

    Now since it is officially a former attraction----- The plane from the Casablanca scene of the GMR is the same plane whose rear fuselage is featured in the Jungle Cruise! They just cut it in half and use the two parts in different attractions.
  13. TongaToast21

    Would you pay $226 for a souvenir?

    I'm all for spending/ splurging on vacations! That being said, I wish they were telescoping. To me, the whole point of a lightsaber is that the blade shoots out and retracts. I'm surprised they havent been able to produce a respectable looking one. But hey, like others said, it doesnt matter...
  14. TongaToast21

    I have ADRs, and now I need help with FP+ planning!

    Also don't forget you can request which room you would like to sit in at BoG when you get to the check-in area.. we did the West Wing (which they said would take 20 mins, but in reality took 2).. It is darker (but quieter) and has a really awesome theme to it!
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