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  1. tomast

    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    I am happy to see Disneyland is coming back!! Last year I was going for first time to Disneyland, I am now rescheduling my trip for july, hopefully the will alow foreing visitors to the park at that time!! And I hope my tickets are still valid 😬
  2. tomast

    Where in The World?

    its looks kind of tomorrowland .... or maybe spaceship earth?
  3. tomast

    Where in The World?

    I have no idea but i wil guess Coolwash at epcot? or Droid Depot?
  4. tomast

    Where in The World?

    World Showcase Lagoon... But i will guess its taken near Port of Entry shop
  5. tomast

    Any tip por recomendations for a covid era tríp to wdw?

    Thanks so, My Disney Experience is not longer usefull for fp+ but still usefull for CS mobile ordering and photos... I guess, there are still photo op right?
  6. tomast

    Any tip por recomendations for a covid era tríp to wdw?

    Hi everyone! A coworker si traveling for her honeymoon to wdw and it's her first tríp ever, she ask me for any advice or tips as I am "the Disney Guy" who always talk about the parks and atractions and strategys to make the most and Fast pass recomendations. But as you know nothing I know works...
  7. tomast

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    What do you think?? That window... is a TV? or is it a "window" to a larger tv so when you move you can see the changing perspective, or is it something like the Space Restaurant and all the cabins windows look to a really big screen?? By the way it looks kind of small, i would have espected a...
  8. tomast

    'Lightyear' Coming Summer 2022

    hair??? He is a toy! He is not the real Buzz Lightyear! He is an action figure! He is a child's plaything!
  9. tomast

    Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run - Ride/Queue Details and Discussion

    is like M.S. had a kid with Star Tours
  10. tomast

    Bring Back the Tomorrowland Towers

    Lets bring HIM back!! But seriously, I never saw the towers in person, but i always love them and i think they give tomorrowland a more appealing look. A place you want to go. Like i can imagine a family saying, "where do you want to go next? Lets check out those towers overthere", but i dont...
  11. tomast

    Bring over one attraction from Disneyland (and where you would put it)

    The real streching room where they cant keep the doors open when the Host starts speaking
  12. tomast

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    ToonTown right now is a really cheap place, It made more sense with mickey and minnies home. Right now is a massive giftShop Tent. The only thing worth is the goofys family coaster and the Casey Junior water play area wich I really like it more when it was Donald's. And of course Dumbo but that...
  13. tomast

    News Eliminating Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours - confirmed as of May 28

    So, you think FP+ Is much work... wait until you need a complex printable page with all the convination of activities need to be done for having "Genie" offer you a fast pass to FoP or RoR... I can´t even imagine the ammounts of strategies that you will need to learn to get what you want in...
  14. tomast

    News Eliminating Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours - confirmed as of May 28

    I Know this is an unpopular opinion but... Fastpass+ > stand by > maxpass and in a time of "Social distancing" the FastPass seems again like the best of all options!, you dont have to go to a machine, you dont have to pay extra (I know that most of disney fans like paying extra) and you dont...
  15. tomast

    What wouldnt be built today?

    with the exception of FEA 😂😂
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