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    Too tall for Disney World? No

    Brook Lopez is 7ft and 270. He has a house in Golden Oak and is frequently seen around WDW!
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    Early Morning Magic Experience

    We did EMM at MK in late Nov, 2017. We rode SDMT 9 times prior to the park opening, including one time where my family of 4 were the only ones on the train.
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    Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??

    I'd like to drive a pontoon for the fireworks cruises.
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    Kids do the Darndest Things

    We were at MK for EMM. . .after doing all the rides first thing, my wife wanted to have our boys dress up (we don't have any daughters, so she is missing out on the princess dresses). One had a generic prince costume, one had a Prince Charming costume. They were both big hits, with Cinderella...
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    Typhoon Mangkhut Hammers Hong Kong

    My kids are big into watching hurricanes / typhoons on our weather app. They were quite concerned about this one. Damage is unreal!
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    How many points did you purchase?

    I'd say over time!
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    How many points did you purchase?

    In a few park/hotel capacity threads, people have inquired as to the average DVC points purchase amount. Interesting discussion. I did a search and last thread I could find was over 5 years old and did not include a poll option. Include both direct purchase and resale purchases in totals...
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    Upset with Moonlight Magic

    If they made the second time in the evening or on a weekend. . .those would be terrible times for me. Unacceptable.
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    Cast Member Pin Trading With Adults.

    Look like fingerprints to me.
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    News Liberty Square Riverboat closing for long refurb

    Apologize if its been mentioned, but is there a definitive end date to the project? We'll be down beginning the second week of October, wondering if the project will be completed by then.
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    Favourite "strange" WDW smell.....

    This drives me crazy. It's like a septic field vents RIGHT THERE. I don't understand how they leave it!
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    Crowd Control Theories

    So don't raise prices and spend more money on capex. . OK, got it.
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    Crowd Control Theories

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    How many miles did you put on the shoes?

    I do for sure. Last trip was 8 days, including travel and non-park days we did 50.7 miles. That is low for us, however it was our first trip without out kids in a stroller. Prior to that, we had 7 days, but kids were in the stroller. 54.6 miles.
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