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    Mega Mansions in Golden Oaks

    I just got off the phone with my folks. . .they said they were slightly embarrassed for how nice they have it. 88 degree weather and going into their 86 degree pool today. They suspect they'll be down there until June - had originally planned on coming back up north in early May. Not really...
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    Will Disneyland USA suffer? ALL Of Disney's Theme Parks Now Closed - Reopening Dates Unknown

    Ouch, we have a 4/13 arrival at GC using DVC points. Tomorrow is our last day to cancel without points going to holding. Couple this with GC not being our home and us lucking out and getting a studio at 7mo window, and we have some tough decisions with very little time to make them.
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    We lucked into a 7mo studio reservation at Grand California. . . . stay begins 4/13. I hope they'll have a plan in place if the parks close that doesn't bend over DVC members.
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    Mega Mansions in Golden Oaks

    I believe it's one of the ones going up on the south end of Mattraw. . . don't quote me on it though.
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    Mega Mansions in Golden Oaks

    Interesting! It goes both ways I guess. . . I've heard one of the new houses they are building in Marceline is less than 3,000 sg ft - and is actually a ranch despite appearing like it has a second floor. Are you in Marceline? PM me if so.
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    Mega Mansions in Golden Oaks

    A couple of places up on Enchanted Oak have to be pushing 20k. . . don't they?
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Correct. You implied serious/critical as one group. That is incorrect. I had a severe case of bronchitis. Difficulty breathing. It wasn't critical, I missed two days of work while watching Disney+. I wasn't in the ICU, like someone with a critical case of pneumonia.
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    This is just plain wrong and misinformation like this is simply fear mongering. Chinese CDC study (published in JAMA and featured 72,000 cases) notes that 81% of cases were mild, while 14% were severe (noted as having difficulty breathing). 5% were critical...
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    Space mountain fun facts

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    Space mountain fun facts

    What color?
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    News Strange rule for Club Cool farewell

    We have a photopass photo of our family holding 7 cups, with 5 having visible branding.
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    Too tall for Disney World? No

    Brook Lopez is 7ft and 270. He has a house in Golden Oak and is frequently seen around WDW!
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    Early Morning Magic Experience

    We did EMM at MK in late Nov, 2017. We rode SDMT 9 times prior to the park opening, including one time where my family of 4 were the only ones on the train.
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    Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??

    I'd like to drive a pontoon for the fireworks cruises.
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