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  1. The Empress Lilly

    General political chat

    Eh, that's my line! =D I fully agree with that and that's why I'm an out of the closet racist! I just never skipped biology class and so can't join the charade of pretending that what anybody can see with their* own eyes doesn't exist. *avoiding the gender noun 'his'! At heart I'm a...
  2. The Empress Lilly

    General political chat

    Actually, all forms of racism are predicated on differences of race. It's in the word.
  3. The Empress Lilly

    General political chat

    Why shouldn't Ilhan Omar be sent back? She preaches division, has a long history of hatespeech and embraces extremist ideologies. I thought all democracies had laws to de-naturalise and repatriate those inciting hatred.
  4. The Empress Lilly

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    That's what I always say too when I just want the attention... :sideeye:
  5. The Empress Lilly

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    Happily ever after in Neuschwanstein married to a Bavarian babe.
  6. The Empress Lilly

    Do You Think They Should Bring Oswald To Disney World?

    The real revenge for Walt being cheated out of his rabbit was not re-acquiring his rights a century later, but Walt changing his ears into a mouse and then building an empire on that. Like the Orange Bird, Oswald is a forgotten Disney detail that didn't need to be dug up from the grave but...
  7. The Empress Lilly

    It's a Small World Merch Question

    When UNI bought the rights to Potter, in the contract it stipulated that east of the Mississippi Disney could not use any animals that looked like the Hippogriff. So that's why the WDW hippo and its merch need to be light blue whereas it can be aqua in DL.
  8. The Empress Lilly

    Mission Space

    The MK Flight to the Moon was changed into Mission to Mars in 75(?) because moon travel had become all too common. Mind that it opened in 71, two years after NASA faked the first moonlanding. (Of which definitive proof will be delivered after our succesful storming of Area 51)
  9. The Empress Lilly

    Animal Kingdom New Park Logo

    I really just posted it for convenience's sake. I checked the entrace font for comparison and then thought others might be interested in having the three fonts together. The entrance font indeed is very sparse. Or perhaps one should say robust. In that quasi-art deco (40s post-art deco?) DAK...
  10. The Empress Lilly

    Walking from Wilderness lodge to hoop dee do ?

    You can still wade through the water where the path ends and continue on land later on. It's what my family and I do.
  11. The Empress Lilly

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    Bless old Roy, my personal hero. Just because you can squeeze out people doesn't mean you have to. Elites in different societies and different times have taken different approaches. Many have taken the view that it makes you a greater man to not threat your employees like dirt. You personally...
  12. The Empress Lilly

    Is Disney Making a Live-Action The Little Mermaid Movie?

    Personally I would've cast Harry for the Black Panther.
  13. The Empress Lilly

    Do you think you will ever enjoy Epcot again??

    I actually like where you're going with that! =D Would be such a better fit for FrL than Toy Story and Pecos Bill. Reminds me of classic '71 Western River Expedition:
  14. The Empress Lilly

    Fullerton police release video of officer shooting 17-year-old girl - Amazing, but tough to watch video

    Wow, sad. Random thoughts: I blame gun culture, ultimately. In many other countries the police does not need to approach citizens with drawn weapons, because they are unarmed. This does not bring about temporarily confused teenagers drawing a fake gun in imitation or intimidation or perceived...
  15. The Empress Lilly

    Animal Kingdom New Park Logo

    Just for the sake of comparison.
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