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  1. The Empress Lilly

    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    I have never loved a tunnel so much ^_^
  2. The Empress Lilly

    Any WDW diehards excited to try Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure?

    Haven't been to UNI since they ripped out my baby dragons, who I hatched from their eggs and used to subdue Westeros and...wait, other dragons. I'm still sour about Dueling Dragons, my favourite. I genuinely wetted my pants on those (good thing they didn't have floors!) I've since their demise...
  3. The Empress Lilly

    Does anyone remember the evening parade?

    Why internalise the nasty mean-spiritedness of TWDC? Yes there is a reason to spend money on a nighttime parade: the park is full of guests, who paid up to $159 for a Disney experience. Many of whom remember this entails more than a hard liquor booth every twenty meters plus a limited edition...
  4. The Empress Lilly

    Does anyone remember the evening parade?

    I was in the MK August 2011, MSEP ran. Day parades are fun, Spectro is fun, but to me there is only one Disney parade: the Main Street Electrical Parade. Parades gain so much from darkness.
  5. The Empress Lilly

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    I and several others tried your blocking manouvre on Splash, but this mother and her two kids (setting a great example!) zigzagged back and forth between the FP to standby queue. We knew she wasn't even catching up with a party after a visit to the loo because she was loudly talking on her...
  6. The Empress Lilly

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    I had this happen twice last trip. Sadly the five abreast family broke up just as my DGF approached them, I was gearing up to try some rugby moves on them. (Not that I'm remotely the body type for impressive rugger moves. But it all looked splendid in my mind though!)
  7. The Empress Lilly

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    Spot on. This line-cutting is my latest pet annoyance too. Disney moms are en masse using two tricks currently: one, send their kids ahead in the line, then insist they have to catch up with their kids. And secondly, check their cellphones incessantly to see if anybody they know is in a line...
  8. The Empress Lilly

    What is the worst ride in Hollywood Studios? (Quality-wise)

    Worst ride is easily Slinky Doge Dash. Ugly bare steel toddler coaster. It's got no place in a Disney Park. *** gets a pass, it's an unassuming spinner with a fun edge. The other rides all range from great to terrific.
  9. The Empress Lilly

    Had a visit from a cop last night

    Maybe the dad should spend less energy tough talking everybody else and instead spend that energy into raising his kid properly. Like telling him to use the sidewalk. What a useless [sorrytheMomreadsheretoo]
  10. The Empress Lilly

    News ‘Rivers of Light: We Are One’ coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom summer 2019

    Aye. RoL is being killed in two steps. The first knife in its chest was the removal of live actors. The second to make it more timeless, relevant, family and Chapek.
  11. The Empress Lilly

    Bring Back the Tomorrowland Towers

    Is at TDL's TL entrance everything of the same scale and dimensions as the MK? I'm jealous you got to see the towers once more! Do you miss the Starjets and WedWay?
  12. The Empress Lilly

    Are the feelings for the Yeti unreasonable?

    The Empress Lilly went twenty years without smoke stacks and paddle wheel. The world's largest themed entertainment complex, and they just let the biggest landmark of one of their prime areas sit there in risible state, for decades. A steamship without its defining elements. Like an airplane...
  13. The Empress Lilly

    Extinct Attractions: Sad reality

    Somewhere there is a rainbow bridge and when I cross it I'll ride Horizons and If You Had Wings and dine at the Empress Lilly and watch Illuminations....
  14. The Empress Lilly

    Why dislike for Iger?

    SSE draws massive crowds and rates very high with visitors. Meanwhile my nine year old niecelet wouldn't even use Frozen for toilet paper anymore.
  15. The Empress Lilly

    General political chat

    Seems like a false equivalence to push a narrative of double standards was spread. There was a small fire near the mosque that was quickly extinguished. The very Arab Al Jazeera does not even make any mention of it: https://www.aljazeera.com/topics/subjects/al-aqsa-mosque.html
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