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    Plastic shopping bags

    So have they eliminated the no plastic shopping bags or do you still put your purchases in a bag without buying one.
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    Casey's hot dog

    Oh I hope it the cheeseburger dog for us!!!
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    Castaway Cay 5K

    Two years ago they did tram people in.
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    Casey's hot dog

    $10 is not expensive
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    New cruise booklet program?

    I hope they get mailed out in the normal time frame. We will already be in Florida two weeks before we cruise. Ughhh
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    Castaway Cay 5K

    We did it. It was a nice experience. Not sure why they make you walk the 1.2 miles to get to the starting point. They used to do the tram. I feel the 1.2 miles,to get to the start should already count. For real.
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    Casey's hot dog

    does anyone know what july's hot dog is at casey's?
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    Epcot desert party

    has anyone done this? Just wondering of the alcoholic drinks are included the wording I read about it makes it confusing. Also was it worth it for those that have done this?
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    which mickey meet and greet?

    Mickey does talk if you meet him at mk. It's awesome!!!
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    Stupid Magic Band Tricks.

    Mickey talks!! Haven't you ever encountered that with him?!
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    Trader SAMs

    I am sure this was posted. Can't find it now but when is trader SAMs supposed to be open at the poly??? Thx
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    Worst people to be in line next to?

    Small children. So annoying. But then they are everywhere. Haha
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    Magical Express Bus Video

    Turn it off forever!! ANNOYING!!!!
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    One attraction, one meal and one show.

    Thunder mt Hope dee doo Cape may
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    Alright, help me get "undepressed" about not being financially ready for Disney

    You can save big by using a cap one card no annual fees, 1 1/2% cash back and charge everything you can and pay it off every month super easy have been doing it for years.
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