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    Disney World Pictures

    Depending on the quality, quantity, and resolution of the images (and whether you're a bit of a technophile or not) it might be worth investing in a high quality printer. There are inkjet printers (Epson has them for sure) that will print with archival inks (pigment vs. dye, which can...
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    When dining at WDW what drives you to choose a restaurant?

    On my recent trip with family (Oct/Nov 2019) we loaded up our agenda with many sit-down restaurants... at least one and sometimes two per day. In retrospect, I don't remember the taste and quality of the food as much as the experience of spending the time with my family, interacting with the...
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    Old Key West Advice

    That may be. When I have stayed there, I used the Peninsular Road bus stop since it was a lot closer.
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    Old Key West Advice

    I enjoy staying on Peninsular Road (buildings 23-26). It's close enough to the Hospitality House to walk to it easily for shopping and swimming, but distant enough to not deal with all the traffic. It's also convenient for the bus system... if you miss the bus at Peninsular you can walk to...
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    Im going back!

    My wife doesn't care about Disney much either, so when we go I focus on the resort experience for her. I take the approach that we're going to a really nice resort (Old Key West in this case so we can have more of a 'home' experience rather than a hotel experience) that happens to be near some...
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    Losing weight for the Mouse!

    I did a combination of low carb/Keto dieting (I averaged around 1.5 lbs/week weight loss) and walking, either on a treadmill or outside if the weather was nice. The diet was simple (for me) because I could still eat all I wanted, but from a limited set of foods. The walking was great for weight...
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    If you HAD to lose one when the parks reopen, which would you pick

    LOL, I'm good with losing all of them. :)
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    Opening WDW with Social Distancing

    I would think the parks will open once they figure out a way to keep people safe and to find a financial solution that creates less of a loss than staying closed. I wonder if they could find a price point ($300/day per person?) where the crowd size was small and allowed for safety but many rides...
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    What’s next for Animal Kingdom?

    LOL, yes... didn't think you just made it up. ;) Everyone's got their opinion and lists, but if this reflects what Disney's processes would have likely developed, it carries a little more... weight? Thanks!
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    What’s next for Animal Kingdom?

    Interesting. So, is this a list of what you think Disney would have in the E ticket category if that ticketing system was still in place, or is this a list of the attractions you feel deserve top notch status?
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    New line etiquette?

    Which is why, in my opinion, the crowds won't return (and/or the parks won't open) until either C-19 is shown to be 99% gone or there's a vaccine available for everyone. It'll be a while... a long while.
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    Possible Frontierland expansion

    I remember going to "Six Gun Territory" before WDW existed...
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