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  1. Steamboat_Kevin

    What do you remember about disney from your childhood?

    I distinctly remember a TON about my first trip to WDW when I was 6. We stayed at the villas of the Disney Institute. Those were designed and laid out a lot like a little town or community, so six-year-old Kevin thought that WDW was essentially just a giant city that happened to have theme parks...
  2. Steamboat_Kevin


    Elaborate! (please.) (thank you.)
  3. Steamboat_Kevin

    What if money ceased to exist?

    Everything would be a whole lot less expensive. (zing!)
  4. Steamboat_Kevin

    A dry drained Splash Mountain

    Are they gonna keep refurbing Splash Mountain every year at this time? It's been closed for the past two years that I've gone... :( At this rate I'll never ride it again!
  5. Steamboat_Kevin

    Prayers for Bonny Eby Please

    Oh, jeez. I remember her! What a terrible thing to happen :( Best wishes her way, for sure.
  6. Steamboat_Kevin

    Spaceship Earth: Mysterious Dark Space

    THAT'S what I was wondering about. Care to elaborate or lead me in the right direction for more information?
  7. Steamboat_Kevin

    Prayers for Bonny Eby Please

    Very sad :( What was her username on here?
  8. Steamboat_Kevin

    Spaceship Earth: Mysterious Dark Space

    It's been awhile, folks. :wave: I've been awoken from hibernation by this inquiry, which probably has been asked before: At the peak of Spaceship Earth, right before you start the descent, with the big Earth on the ceiling and the stars and whatnot, there's just a giant black shapely space. I...
  9. Steamboat_Kevin

    Well peeps...

    I'm happy for ya, Brian. Congratulations!
  10. Steamboat_Kevin


    Here are some of my all-time favorite authors, seeing as I pretty much like all of their books: George Orwell JD Salinger Jack Kerouac Kurt Vonnegut Albert Camus Frank Miller Alan Moore Craig Thompson Chuck Palahniuk
  11. Steamboat_Kevin

    Gta Iv

    Getting it today after school. Words cannot describe how excited I am.
  12. Steamboat_Kevin

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!

    Well thanks folks!!! I don't post as much as I used to, but I still really appreciate that you all remember me :D :wave:
  13. Steamboat_Kevin

    What's on your mp3 Player or Ipod?

    I have a lot of music on my iPod! (22 days worth, to be exact) 8638 songs. 380 artists. 740 full albums (I don't have any songs that don't have the full album to accompany them, that drives me CRAZY). 29 gigabytes. It's a wide-range of genres, too. Everything from The Band to Mastodon to The...
  14. Steamboat_Kevin

    Ye Olde Epcot Photos..

    Holy! :eek: Look at all that foliage!
  15. Steamboat_Kevin

    January Roll call........when are you going??

    January 6-12 at Saratoga Springs :sohappy:
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