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  1. Sonconato

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    The irony for me was that he was using Disney as a stepping stone to his real goal: to be President of the United States. And while he's at it, make a boat load of money in the meantime. Also, I think that Spirit loved Disney from reading his post over the years. Of course this is just my...
  2. Sonconato

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    I don't know anything about a casino. He could be a bit pessimistic, but I do know that some of what he said had merit. I miss his posts.
  3. Sonconato

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    Cut-throat doesn't begin to describe this tale.
  4. Sonconato

    Galaxy’s Edge - opening day- are we crazy to hope?

    Just read this in the Sentinel today, and thought I'd share it:
  5. Sonconato

    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    All this is why I hesitate to go to MK. I used to go once a week, but now I might go once a month. With the other dock, I thought there would be more ferries running, but I haven't experienced that either.
  6. Sonconato

    Weirdest thing to happen to you in the parks.

    Sometimes, the CMs let guests re-ride the PeopleMover. Seeing this, a group of people (I think maybe middle-aged couples) began whispering to each other and getting excited. They went over to my husband and asked him if I were a Hollywood actress. I am not quite sure why they thought that...
  7. Sonconato

    Walt, Bob, IP

    As an Annual Passholder, I used to go to Living with the Land very frequently; in fact every time I went to Epcot. More often than not, there is a line for the ride. Of course, nowadays I don't go to Epcot nearly as much as I used to because everything that made it great is disappearing. Even...
  8. Sonconato

    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    I am so happy! My mom absolutely adored this show. Her name was Althea, so after seeing Country Bears she always said she was "Big Al." I know she's up in heaven giving this news a big thumbs up.
  9. Sonconato

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I read this in yesterday's paper. Thought I'd share it with everyone here... Sorry if this is hard to read, but this is the only way I could think of to show it.
  10. Sonconato

    Entertainment at Animal Kingdom

    We just came back from AK tonight, and we really like Burudika's new music and dance. They have incorporated some of the Lion King music as well as some new songs written by the lead singer, Nathi Gcabashe.
  11. Sonconato

    Love bugs in WDW

    No. I hope this answers your question. This was Saturday (May 18) in the AK parking lot. Also, my family went to SeaWorld to watch Earth, Wind, and Fire and their keyboardist had a fly swatter he was using during the concert.
  12. Sonconato

    Country Bear Seasonal Shows

    That would be wonderful! I was lucky enough to see both seasonal shows back in the early '90s. I loved them both. A great song from a great album, indeed. My son loves music and researched each of the songs in the show. A majority of them come from legends like Buck Owens, Jean Shepard, and...
  13. Sonconato

    News Tomorrowland love

    Your response went right to the heart of how I feel. I was looking forward to the MK theater and every time I go by the old Mission to Mars/Stitch I get sad. I better start looking at some of my Animal Kingdom photos to get me out of my blue funk.
  14. Sonconato

    Why dislike for Iger?

    That was an absolutely fantastic and wildly accurate post. Thank you.
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