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  1. Sonconato

    Love bugs in WDW

    No. I hope this answers your question. This was Saturday (May 18) in the AK parking lot. Also, my family went to SeaWorld to watch Earth, Wind, and Fire and their keyboardist had a fly swatter he was using during the concert.
  2. Sonconato

    Country Bear Seasonal Shows

    That would be wonderful! I was lucky enough to see both seasonal shows back in the early '90s. I loved them both. A great song from a great album, indeed. My son loves music and researched each of the songs in the show. A majority of them come from legends like Buck Owens, Jean Shepard, and...
  3. Sonconato

    News Tomorrowland love

    Your response went right to the heart of how I feel. I was looking forward to the MK theater and every time I go by the old Mission to Mars/Stitch I get sad. I better start looking at some of my Animal Kingdom photos to get me out of my blue funk.
  4. Sonconato

    Why dislike for Iger?

    That was an absolutely fantastic and wildly accurate post. Thank you.
  5. Sonconato

    News Incident at Spaceship Earth today (3/16/19)

    I'm so old, I remember Enchanted Village in Jordan Marsh. When my son was a baby, Mayor Menino put it in City Hall. I know, I know...Disney forum.
  6. Sonconato

    Incident at Epcot today(March 6th)

    At Peter Pan, there is a woman about my age named Doris that kind of did that. Once we get to the front of the line where we are told to stand side by side, she chants "Keep moving, side by side." "Keep moving, side by side." "Keep moving, side by side..." We love it when she's working there...
  7. Sonconato

    Incident at Epcot today(March 6th)

    Booze + overcrowding = bad combination.
  8. Sonconato

    How do you rank the lands in Animal Kingdom, and what is the best land? (poll)

    Most of the time my family go to AK, we never leave Africa. Of course, we are annual passholders so we don't have to see everything at once. Also, with Kilimanjaro Safaris, Burudika, and Festival of the Lion King we have no reason to leave.
  9. Sonconato

    Animal Kingdom Needs Attention

    I like AK because it is not a clone of the other three. Especially, the entertainment is outstanding. They are adding Bollywood Beats and already have Viva Gaia, and we can't forget Festival of the Lion King and Nemo. And of course, the best of all... Burudika. My point is, all the other...
  10. Sonconato

    Weirdest thing to happen to you in the parks.

    Weird and I get along pretty well, so I have many stories. My favorite is the time I was in a very long line at Casey's Corner and when it was eventually my turn to take my order, the cashier started going into labor. Not thirty seconds later, a stretcher was out and she was off. I often...
  11. Sonconato

    News Reusable shopping bags now available at all Walt Disney World owned and operated merchandise locations

    I was at the wheelchair rental area in MK, and a woman bought two reusable bags. The cast member gave them to her in a plastic bag.
  12. Sonconato

    Overheard At The Parks

    Necrobump time! We were looking at the babirusa in the Oasis at AK heading to the anteater. I heard a man on his cell phone telling his friend angrily that "I cant believe that my girlfriend just broke up with me at Disney...all because I wouldn't go on a roller coaster." That's harsh.
  13. Sonconato

    MK, wow.. you amaze me

    Surprised? No, not anymore. Disgusted? Yes.
  14. Sonconato

    The trendiness of Disney

    In my opinion, a driving force for the popularity of Disney World nowadays is getting pictures for Facebook or other social media. I have been going to Disney World since 1974 and the crowds I see are outrageous. While watching a performance at the various parks I cannot count how many times...
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