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    Must do Disney has been removed

    Does that mean that "Must Do Disney" became a "Must Do"? They need to add themselves to the list. I will admit that "Must Do" was one we watched and I would put it on the resort channel just for the background music.
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    Trip Report Making Lemonade out of Lemons Fractal Family Trip Report

    Excellent pictures as always and love the update on the family. Sad to hear about your son's concussions, though. I still laugh when I think of the trip report you put together where Sterg left his license at home. That one also included the Fractal Walk which meant barefooting through Beach...
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    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    1. Horizons 2. World of Motion 3. Snow White's Scare Adventures 4. Pre-Jack Sparrow and PC-edition Pirates of the Caribbean.
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    What music from the parks/movies, etc. do you love playing at home ???

    I would say that YouTube is my primary go-to but I have enough on Ipod (from CD's and Itunes purchases) that I can fill up a lot of time. Plus, I also mix in soundtracks from Disney and non-Disney movies to augment the selection.
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    What music from the parks/movies, etc. do you love playing at home ???

    To relax, it's "Legacy" followed by "Spaceship Earth" from the Four Parks One World cd's. Sometimes, I listen to the Magic Kingdom Entrance Music and the queue music from The Jungle Cruise. The Epcot Entrance Music is another good one to me, followed by The Seas and Animal Kingdom's Tree of...
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    Port Orleans Riverside Opinions needed!

    When we don't stay at Wilderness Lodge, we typically shoot for Port Orleans, Riverside first and French Quarter second. We love the feel of the rooms and the grounds. The resort has great walkways next to the Sassagoula River that make for a great way to enjoy the resort. It feels very...
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    What will you appreciate more about WDW after the pandemic?

    Though we went in February, I would be very happy to walk around the resorts (WL and POR are our favorites) and see the flowers and trees. To experience the thrill that comes when boarding the plane in Cincinnati and deplaning in Orlando. Taking the lightrail to the main terminal and board the...
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    Best Resort for Honeymoon

    I'm also one to recommend the Grand Floridian. It has a different feel and seems like more of a honeymoon place. It even has the wedding pavilion onsite to reinforce the notion. I was initially thinking Wilderness Lodge but the lobby gets a little loud with families. The other resort that...
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    Boat to MK from WL Question

    We enjoy the boats but also view it as a means of conveyance. Plus, I've been on a fair number of boats, from canoes to standard motorboats and have not found them much more magical than a bus (except when trying to get to a remote cove where I am sure that the bass are undoubtedly waiting for...
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    Boat to MK from WL Question

    Plus, aren't the boat docks under construction or something currently? The lines to board the boats were quite long when I was there in February. We were walking back to the Contemporary and noticed the lines as we walked past but I didn't investigate further. I agree that the bus from...
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    1st trip—Picked Poly over Beach Club and Contemporary

    Something tells me that you're biased. We love staying at the Contemporary but Polynesian remains on our "to-do" list. I always enjoy walking around the resort and walking the path to the Grand Floridian. Once the bridge and remaining pathway reopen, I would be able to walk from Poly all the...
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    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    I completely agree about the DME video. The new one is just a little blah. The old one was so good with the excellent narration and various jokes. It may have had a little too much Stitch but Capt. Hook is always a great addition.
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    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    Completely agree that we are too nitpicky. I even acknowledge that my unpopular opinion is slanted towards what I would prefer, which is more of a focus on rides. With this said, I still really enjoy myself at WDW. I'm not there inwardly griping while I am there.
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    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    I don't care much for the immersive lands (ex. Pandora and SWGE) that are built. My reasons are as follows: 1. A great deal of money is spent to only have two rides and a ton of scenery. 2. For the same amount of money, multiple rides could be added and each one themed successfully. 3. Not...
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    Do you really want to return quickly?

    That's kind of an operational hazard with so many amusement parks pretending to be places that don't exist. Just kidding. I briefly considered booking a trip in mid-May but not too interested at this moment. Still hoping that our local amusement park will open in May. My company put us on...
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