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  1. Skibum1970

    Ex-Disney accountant alleges major accounting fraud in parks and resorts division

    The problem with this is that you're going to have a mismatch between the amount paid and the amount booked as income. So, the write-offs would grow exponentially and over time would negate any benefit. For Disney, it's probably easier to mess around with depreciation schedules and the dollar...
  2. Skibum1970

    News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)

    I'm probably wrong but I always thought that WL was based more on the Yellowstone Lodge feel or the national parks lodges. Although, the pictures of Adirondack lodges look familiar. Maybe a lodge is a lodge?
  3. Skibum1970

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    "Jaws" is also a driver (along with many other shark films that are all inspired by "Jaws") for Shark Week. Heck, even Sharknado draws its tongue-in-cheek inspiration from Jaws. Still, though the film is still a good movie, I agree that it doesn't age well in a time when we understand shark...
  4. Skibum1970

    Just when you thought it was safe to sit on the beach at WDW...

    My sister lives down in Naples and had a decent sized gator climb over her fence just to chill. When she and her husband went outside, he quickly scrambled back over the fence. The fence was a standard four or five foot chain link fence and he had no trouble with it. I don't think that she...
  5. Skibum1970

    What resort do you think you'll never stay at?

    Polynesian and Coronado. I'm not big on Poly's theme and my wife cannot stand the theme at Coronado. We walked there once just to see what it was like and she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it was not to be considered. Ever.
  6. Skibum1970

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Can't we all use a good laugh these days?
  7. Skibum1970

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    My only concern is just with the capacity. However, a double-decker carousel would be a lot of fun. One of my favorite carousels is Cedar Downs up at Cedar Point. It goes almost 15 mph and the horses "race" as they move forward and backward. That would be a great feature with the horse race...
  8. Skibum1970

    New enhancements coming to WDW's Haunted Mansion for the 50th anniversary?

    Sorry but just read this thread. I'd also remove the "jump scare" ghosts on a stick in the cemetery. They're tacky and out of character with the other happy haunts.
  9. Skibum1970


    Check Dave's DVC Rentals or the DVC Rental Store.
  10. Skibum1970

    How much does the music at Disney add to the experience for you?

    I listen to ResortTV1's loops of the resort channels just for the music. Music sets everything up. The swelling music of Spaceship Earth, Soarin's wonderful score, and so on. I have linked this prior but it really shows the impact:
  11. Skibum1970

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    I used DVC Rental Store and thought that the price seemed high. Now? Not so much.
  12. Skibum1970

    Call me Elitist but how about some soap?

    I've found that, the more expensive the hotel, the less you seem to get for your money. Stay at the Hampton and get free breakfast. Stay at a Hilton Garden, eh, not so much. If you sign up for housekeeping, you really should get new bars of soap and other toiletries. I get that people take...
  13. Skibum1970

    What is your favorite attraction style?

    Completely agree. They can be both thrilling, relaxing, or both. PotC is such a great experience all the way around. Even shortened as it is in WDW.
  14. Skibum1970

    Technology is killing creativity

    Also, your signature "Year long retirement party" makes me wonder if you are being literal (makes me jealous) or not.
  15. Skibum1970

    Technology is killing creativity

    Sometimes, it seems that an over-reliance on technology develops and probably adds cost to projects that may not just justify ROI. However, I appreciate some of the tech applications. Using the castle as a screen for projection mapping is pretty darn cool. I really enjoyed "Wishes" and found...
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