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    Do you really want to return quickly?

    That's kind of an operational hazard with so many amusement parks pretending to be places that don't exist. Just kidding. I briefly considered booking a trip in mid-May but not too interested at this moment. Still hoping that our local amusement park will open in May. My company put us on...
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    Would it be better with no standby lines?

    What about making FP+ like Univeral Express but make FP+ capacity about 30% of total capacity? The only FP+ recipients would be resort guests and there would be no FP+ booking in advance of arrival. Then, one FP+ at a time.
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    News 2/6 - Operating Changes Due to High Winds

    Late to the party. We were staying at Bay Lake and there were no fireworks that evening. Just the projection show. Also, walked past the non-operating Skyliner while at Epcot and the gondolas were definitely swinging. It would have provided a queasy ride for those who get seasick. One thing...
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    Has RotR changed riders' minds about Galactic Starcruiser?

    For us, no hotel is worth that cost (regardless of whether or not we can afford it). I'll stay at the Wilderness Lodge and try my luck at a boarding group (or FP+ once it starts) before paying that price. For it to even a decision point, it would also have to come with a FP+ that entitled us...
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    Space Mountain hurts me too much to ride it again until it's repaired. Anyone else feel this way?

    That is an interesting question and one that I'm not qualified to answer. However, my opinion is that my tolerance has definitely decreased but the ride feels much rougher than it used to. Needing a track replacement could cause this impression. It's as if, instead of curving around corners...
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    Space Mountain hurts me too much to ride it again until it's repaired. Anyone else feel this way?

    Yeah, I'm not sure if getting older factors into this. I rode this first in the early 90's and it was fun. Now, the lateral g's are too painful to actually enjoy the ride. It rides like a mad mouse at times or one of the old Jumbo Jet coasters. I can ride rough coasters well enough (ex. The...
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    Wilderness Lodge vs. Port Orleans

    Completely agree. POR always seems peaceful to me even though it has a high room count. The quick serve is the only area that gets crowded.
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    Wilderness Lodge vs. Port Orleans

    Wilderness Lodge for the lobby. Plus, I love the bubbling spring with the bridge to the back of the lobby and the creek that leads to the waterfall. We enjoy walking the paths to the ends of both sets of cabins and the remote feeling of the resort. Bay Lake is pretty and we get to see the...
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    What Do You Think is in Phase Two for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge?

    With the ability to raise a coaster car (ex. Opposite of drop track) and proper set pieces, this could create major goosebumps. Especially if they go ahead and play Yoda's theme from Empire at the same time. From where I sit, I don't see coasters going out of style, either. Even 7DMT always...
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    Pre-Trip Why Does My Tooth Hate Disney?

    In October 2014, I had to cancel a November trip to Disney because I found out that I had a cracked tooth, specifically a molar. It was fixed but the cost cancelled the trip. Flash-forward to this week. On the same tooth, I felt what seemed like a chip out of the crown. Now, we have a trip...
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    Question on Rise of the Resistance Planning and MK After Hours

    Thank you for this information. I would love to ride RotR but didn't want to have to get to the park at 6:00 AM or else not secure a boarding group.
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    Question on Rise of the Resistance Planning and MK After Hours

    Agree completely. Doing so for a Christmas Party that was not sold out really changed our tune. That's why I was considering this After Hours party. I think that I will go ahead. It's expensive but cost/ride should actually end up lower or about the same as if we were there all day.
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    Question on Rise of the Resistance Planning and MK After Hours

    1. Rise of the Resistance: We'll be there for the first week of February. What is the best way to tackle Rise? I am wondering how soon the boarding groups will be booked up at that time (ex. If you get there at 10:00 AM, you aren't riding it). 2. After Hours MK: Worth doing? It isn't...
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    Trip Report Escaping the ARCTIC BLAST

    1. I'm very envious. 2. Great report and I'm following right along. 3. My car doors were also frozen shut this morning from the combo of rain that turned to freezing rain and ultimately 3" of snow. Low tonight is 11 degrees, which is roughly 50 degrees lower than my tolerance despite decades...
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