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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Reactions: SPOILERS

    if Rey is a Mary Sue then Baby Yoda surely is too, right?

    What Do You Think is in Phase Two for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge?

    For sake of the argument at hand the caption of the meme should really be: Everyone: Hating on the sequel trilogy In all seriousness though, I wish people would just take every story in the universe for what it is: an extension of the full story that we're simply lucky to have as new content. I...

    The Mandalorian

    It was absolutely incredible. They hit a home run with the pilot. Can't wait for the rest of the season.

    News D23 Expo 2019

    Bobby strikes again!

    News D23 Expo 2019

    anybody have a link to the livestream?

    Rumor Disney Looking To Trade The Theme Park Rights of Alien with Universal in exchange for Black Panther to Build a Wakanda Pavillion at Epcot

    i mean, to an extent yes. But the fact that Wakanda isn't a real place and would be displayed as a pavilion among a dozen other ones that ARE real countries is a bit hard to get past. Putting frozen into the Norway pavilion is one thing, but at least Norway is still an actual country. creating a...

    Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?

    I see people thank u for the info on this website all the time but it really can't be said enough. Your additions to this forum are incredible and greatly appreciated. That being said, any clue on which proposed area has an edge over the others? I gotta at least try for some more info :D

    Rumor D23 Expo 2019 expected announcements

    Maybe South America with a Rio show/ride? it's unlikely to get a brand new land without any IP presence, but I think a limited amount of Rio would be a happy compromise for both sides of the IP debate. Although it's not much of a debate anymore.

    Rumor D23 Expo 2019 expected announcements

    If i had a nickel for every time a wdwmagic thread went off the rails due to the zootopia to AK debate, I could fly down to Florida and smash the leave a legacy tombstones myself.

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Why is the alien at the bottom of the cup so small? COMPLETELY throws off the scale of the alien ride! ;)

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    A quote from the article: "Slinky Dog Dash is intended for the whole family with a height requirement of 38 inches. There will be loops, swirls, and dips and even a super fabulous launcher around halfway through the ride. The launcher is a separate toy piece that Andy purchased and added to the...

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Does anyone else find it really frustrating to see full, fleshed out plans for a park like WDSP and then turn around and see nothing like that for DHS and Epcot? I understand that Florida is getting heavy investment right now but even when it does, it seems to get the short end of the stick...

    News bye bye bugs: Marvel Land announced, opens 2020

    Is there a timetable for when the Fox merger could be completed by? And excuse my ignorance on the subject, but what Uni titles are included in that Fox deal that disney would have to trade for the Marvel Orlando rights?
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