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    Weirdest thing to happen to you in the parks.

    We've been so much. I'm not really sure which trip this was. I'm going to guess 2011. We took a last minute trip to Disneyworld, really unplanned. We pull into parking lot at EPCOT. Van pulls in next to us, a coworker got out with this family. Just goes to prove it's a small world after...
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    Tails on Slinky Dog Dash's Ride Vehicles temporarily removed

    Spoke with my neighbor last night. They're part of the maintenance team that built and maintains Slinky Dog. They stated metal fatigue with cracking and rattling on the tails. As Driver stated, Disney feared the tails would come lose. Tails have been sent for x-rays. They also stated...
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    Hurricanes vs. Winter Storms

    We moved from Kentucky to Central Florida about 4 years ago. Now saving up to get out of Florida. Looking at East Tennessee or back to Kentucky. Florida is OK I guess. Traffic is a nightmare. Everything everywhere is just a strip mall. So if you like heavy traffic and strip malls, move on...
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    News 2018 ticket price increases

    Wife and I have been annual pass holders for 4 years. We've chosen not too renew this year. $729 per pass for 2 people comes out to $121 a month... I'm just not sure anymore if there is a $121 a month in entertainment there anymore. We normally go at least 2 times a month. I think maybe...
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    If you were relocating. . .

    Currently live in Clermont, right off 561. We moved from Louisville, KY in 2014. Clermont and the surrounding areas are really nice. Rolling hills, U-Pick it fruit farms, and farmers market every Sunday. Food Truck Friday the first Friday of every month. 27 is currently under a widening...
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    Hurricane Irma

    I'm in Clermont Fl. About 20 Miles north west of Disney. Got shingles in our front yard. Neighbor lost part a fence. Still have power though. Currently at 970.25 hpa.
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    Safe Areas to Live Near WDW 15-25 Min Away

    Rarely respond. We moved from Louisville, Kentucky to Clermont, FL in 2014. That being said, We go to Disney area at least once a week. Has it lost it's luster... A little sure. However here is were Fast Pass + for locals is awesome. Book your fast passes. Then take your time doing...
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