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Recent content by Ronnie Sanford

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    News Festival of the Lion King returning to Disney's Animal Kingdom summer 2021

    Show is gearing up for rehearsals. Temper all expectations. Be prepared for changes. Hakuna Matata? 🤷‍♂️ Masks aren't going away anytime soon. Harmonious needs a new script. Serious.
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    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    What would we do without narcissistic benefactors?
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    The Nemo theater is repurposed as a social distancing break room. That back row is a great place to catch up on sleep.
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    Theater in the Wild makes for a great break room. Temporarily or permanent.
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    They’re not predictions. 87, Those cookies were good. Almost as good as all the crow WDWMagic doubters will be eating very soon.
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    Howdy kiddos! It’s been awhile but I’m back, better than ever. The barracudas finally caught and devoured that clown fish. Darla got her way.
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    Rumor Selfies with Mando

    I was in the cubicle listening to one of the few non-furloughed creative types wax on about a new Galaxy’s Edge selfie spot. They start with a long winded speech. It went something like this: Bring your child for a selfie with Mando. It’s the perfect promotion synergy for the 2nd season. A...
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    Rumor Character greet changes coming

    I got an email from a work pal. Tells me that Oriental Land Co is beginning the character greeting charge for a distanced meeting. When Florida meets fully return and we implement our version, the revenue stream for WDPR will be tremendous.
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    Santa’s Holiday Cavalcade

    Christmas wasn’t totally deleted. Yet.
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    Santa’s Holiday Cavalcade

    To say my hopes were high for Halloween would be an understatement. Be glad we're doing something. BTW The cavalcade scuttlebutt inside the cubicle life is at an all time high. Christmas will be a similar experience.
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    Santa’s Holiday Cavalcade

    Evenin’ Wdwmagic Dahlings, Fret not. Christmas isn’t cancelled! Yet. The elves at the North Pole (actually it’s a rogue colleague in a cubicle near me) tell me the jolly old elf will lead a cavalcade of sorts down Main Street this festive season. And a Halloween cavalcade is looking grim. Not...
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    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    WDPR will save an enormous amount of expense once they officially sever ties with Actors Equity.
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    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    Hello WDWMagic Dahlings, Sebastian has seen his last black light. Ariel has hit her last high note. #NothingCanStopUsNow #WeveOnlyJustBegun
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    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    An updated version of Jungle Book Alive with Magic has been mentioned as the eventual replacement.
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