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  1. rkelly42

    Rude guests (rant sorry)

    We never would have a bad day because of the behavior of a few, I just find the behavior atrocious when there are children around. If it was an adults 21+ park that would be one thing, also if they are not using transportation other than their own, that is just plain stupid. I have seen the...
  2. rkelly42

    Rude guests (rant sorry)

    Was at Epcot today and noticed a few groups of intoxicated and vulgar 20 something's. Not to mention one person who vomited in the middle of the walkway. This is the type of behavior I love my kids around. It is about time disney starts clamping down on the over the top intoxicated people. Scary...
  3. rkelly42

    What ONE ride in each park could you ride all day long?

    MK: PotC Epcot: SSE AK: KS DHS: ToT
  4. rkelly42

    A new set of River Country Pics

    It's funny, I replied to some people on his Facebook page, explaining to them why he was banned, and that he is not innocent in all of this, and somehow my replies disappeared and now I can't leave anymore replies.
  5. rkelly42

    Phone Screens in Dark Rides

    I am not a fan of people using phones on dark rides, but I must admit I do watch live streams in which these people are using their phones, so I guess I should not complain.
  6. rkelly42

    Beach club or Poly for first time deluxe

    This will be about personal preference. Poly has gone through updates, like them or not it has been refreshed some. O'hana and kona along with the groto now make for easy access to restaurants/bars. Mk or Epcot accessible via monorail. For me, the lobby is just not the same, but it is roomier...
  7. rkelly42

    Honest Opinion About the new Star Wars Characters at the Parks

    I have no problems with it as long as it stays to just appearances in DHS.
  8. rkelly42

    Trip Report Live Reporting Xmas Eve to New Year's

    Great trip report, wish my family would wake up that early in the am.
  9. rkelly42

    BTMRR Refurb This Spring?

    See, this is the problem with these forums, people like this. Acronyms have been used around here for a long time, this is nothing new, get used to it. I find it disgraceful that someone new comes in, has a legit question and this is how they are treated. No room on these forums for people like...
  10. rkelly42

    Adventureland Veranda - Skipper Canteen restaurant

    The menu to me looks good, some unique options to chose from. The kids menu I guess could be lacking if the only thing they will eat is chic fingers and hot dogs. As for the decor, that is something I will have to experience before I make any judgement.
  11. rkelly42

    Extra magical private parties at Epcot?

    Why write as if you are proud of someone getting completely drunk and acting like a moron? I find this 100% more irritating than the large tour groups.
  12. rkelly42

    Wondering if people still sending postcards from WDW ?

    Is it wrong that I always thought that sending postcards was a way of bragging that you are on vacation and the receiver of the cards is not? Maybe it's just me.
  13. rkelly42

    Which of these least favorites is your favorite?

    Do not really see these as least favorites, maybe yours, but probably not everyone else's.
  14. rkelly42

    Adventureland Veranda - Skipper Canteen restaurant

    Does anyone know what the menu will look like when it does open? Maybe I missed it from an earlier post, if so I'm sorry.
  15. rkelly42

    Trip Report 2 Geeks take on the World: A May 2013 Report

    Great pictures and trip report can't wait for the rest. Never be to shy here, i for one love seeing people's trips through their eyes, plus it gets me through till my next trip.
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