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Recent content by Rinx

  1. Rinx

    Where in The World?

    Disney Springs
  2. Rinx

    Any Theories as to why Disney frequently reduces the size and scope of new projects in the parks?

    Logic: If you build it, 'they' will come. Disney Logic: If you say you'll build it but then don't build it, they will still come.
  3. Rinx

    Where in The World?

  4. Rinx

    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

    Happily Eerie After? Hauntingly Ever After? Something lackadaisical like that I assume.
  5. Rinx

    Disney Area Golf

    I'm a 12 handicap as well and find Disney's Palm to be a challenge each time I play. More so than Magnolia. Both are at Shades of Green by the Poly. I highly recommend Palm. It's also a very nice track as well and water comes in to play on most holes.
  6. Rinx

    Old Key West Help

    Fellow OKW owner here since 1993. Best section really depends. We have always had a car so we like to stay deep in the back of the resort since bus stops weren't important for us. We enjoy being walking distance to one of the quiet pools, particularly the Turtle Shack. Sections also depend...
  7. Rinx

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I'm all for what this concept art entails but I'm just so bummed the Innoventions/Futureworld music loop's days are numbered.
  8. Rinx

    Make A HM styled epitaph for the poster above you!

    Here lies larryz Swept by the tide out to sea
  9. Rinx

    Options for Epcot.? food for thought.

    I think a lot will be answered by what they do with Spaceship Earth during its next downtime.
  10. Rinx

    What would be the background music for your life from the Disney Parks???

    Depends on my mood. If I'm relaxing I think the Wilderness Lodge loop would suffice. That or the Poly music from around ten years ago. Otherwise I can walk to the beat of Tomorrowland music and Future World. Darn...need to throw Frontierland/Splash queue in there somewhere as well.....
  11. Rinx

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    @Clyde Birdbrain Thank you for this thread! It was always a little something to look forward to during the work day. My fellow competitors, @DisneyOwl12 @MattC @Tuvalu and everyone else, wow! Incredible Disney parks knowledge, very impressive! This was so much fun and extremely competitive.
  12. Rinx

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    If not in Muppets I'll say Muppet Courtyard?
  13. Rinx

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    It's a slow day at work :cool:
  14. Rinx

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    Cool Wash! Outside of Test Track.
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