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Recent content by Rhinocerous

  1. Rhinocerous

    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    Universal has exclusive rights to Mr. Fusion technology east of the Mississippi.
  2. Rhinocerous

    News Tomorrowland love

    Put in after the Fox merger, I assume.
  3. Rhinocerous

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    Look on the bright side. Had set pieces not sat abandoned, this thread might not exist.
  4. Rhinocerous

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    While you are certainly entitled to feel any way you like about that, I do think 'no wearing masks on newly-completed walking paths abutting Seven Seas Lagoon' seems like an awfully specific belief system.
  5. Rhinocerous

    News Monorail Blue updated

    "I miss Epcot. Time to buy another 'burning trapezoid' candle."
  6. Rhinocerous

    Redd the Pirate to Receive Makeover

    I only ask because I have heard that Chaos is a ladder. And we all know how this forum feels about ladders.
  7. Rhinocerous

    Redd the Pirate to Receive Makeover

    Was there another business above it that could only be reached by passing through the restaurant?
  8. Rhinocerous

    News PHOTOS - Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin switch to Mears shuttles for theme park transportation

    If they're contracting with Mears now, they should arrange for DME service as part of the agreement. (Or an unbranded equivalent thereof.)
  9. Rhinocerous

    Space Mountain: The Movie

    I'm not so worried about a lack of story in Space Mountain (the ride). There are plenty of exciting roller coasters. The thing that distinguishes SM is the setting and the ambiance. I think a Space Mountain movie has to nail that above all else. A well written script that builds the queue...
  10. Rhinocerous

    Main Street Electrical Parade

    I would assume it is a new member searching for a thread on a topic that is meaningful to them, and wanting to participate.
  11. Rhinocerous

    News Structure built in Kilimanjaro Safaris?

    I would expect him to be elsewhere on the safari, chasing the Giselles.
  12. Rhinocerous

    Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe..

    For what it's worth, Animal Kingdom was my first Disney park. (I was 30.) I was knocked over by the level of detail. It single-handedly converted WDW from a vacation that my wife dragged me on, to pretty much my favorite place in the world. (In the World.)
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