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Recent content by redkoala245

  1. redkoala245

    Will the Christmas music ever end at the parks?

    I heard it will all be gone by this week.
  2. redkoala245

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    Hi everyone, I know how you feel about Screamscape's rumors not being legit, but according to their website, they are planning to move Festival of the Lion King to the Africa area, so they can demolish Camp Minnie Mickey to create the Avatar land. In the mean time, they will try to improve the...
  3. redkoala245

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Just my opinion… They should just stick with the Asia part. I don't think they should tear anything down.
  4. redkoala245

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    YESSS!!! Finally something good and reasonable to add. :sohappy: Disney is connected with the creators of Avatar? Not sure about that but this news is still amazing!
  5. redkoala245

    May 26 - Latest aerial view of the entire Fantasyland construction site

    So much has been done since the last time I was there (in February).
  6. redkoala245

    Mickey and Minnie to meet and greet in Tomorrowland once Toontown closes

    Why Tomorrowland?? If they kept them in Tomorrowland, they should at least have a space or a futuristic looking costume. For example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fray101/3674899810. I think they should just keep them in Exposition Hall or somewhere that is more appropriate than Tomorrowland.
  7. redkoala245

    Does anyone else think...

    Not really. BTM has no relation with Disney characters.
  8. redkoala245

    New Countries Being Added to Epcot?

    3 new countries?!?! Are you sure? According to most of the rumors I have heard, it was to remove one of the current countries and create another one. The country that is supposed to be removed and the country that is supposed to replace it is based on guest surveys. Plus I think Epcot does not...
  9. redkoala245

    Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! video

    This is by far the worst parade I've seen (this includes past and present parades) in WDW. Why did they remove BPB? Also that parade was the biggest waste of 6 minutes and 50 seconds of my life.
  10. redkoala245

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    2 daysss
  11. redkoala245

    Mickey's Toontown Fair begins its transformation February 2011

    Oh wow!! The month that it is closing is just what I (and many people) predicted. This construction starts 5 days before I come to WDW… How lovely.
  12. redkoala245

    New California Coast DVC @ WDW?

    I love this idea and theme, but does it really need to be DVC?
  13. redkoala245

    Studio Backlot Tour closing for refurbishment in January 2011

    I guess January is not a great month to go to DHS because BT, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Playhouse Disney Live on Stage will be closed. Too bad BT will be closed during my February Trip… :( Oh well… That ride needs to go.
  14. redkoala245

    Soarin' Over the World Info/Update

    This sounds great. I like how they want to do this with other countries because this is Epcot. They should do all of the countries that are in Epcot along with additional countries. I think DCA should just stick with the Soarin over California because it is in California.
  15. redkoala245

    Disney Channel Rocks! debuts today

    This looks great :) I think they will do a great job!! According to their pictures, it looks like the people in this show are the same people from the HSM shows. Or is it just me…
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